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Day 9 of injections feel like I'm due on

I've felt fine up until today , I'm using merinol at night and cetrotide at mid day .

I've been told to reduce dose of merinol abs back for what should hopefully be my last scan and blood test tmr before egg col on Wednesday.

I've felt fine up until today, have felt v v tiered, and a bit achey , in ovaries area and boobs feel slightly tender , also have a clear watery discharge. Sorry for tmi 🙄.

Have any of you had this when your near to egg collection?

I had a blood test today and nurse said my level had gone up since Friday ( which apparently was good) and that's when she told me to reduce merinol to only 1 powder for tonight's dose.

Guess I'll find out tmr if egg collections still on for Wednesday . Xxx

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