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Had urgent blood test at Kingston hospital this morning . Don't know what dose merinol to do tonight !! Help

I went to have urgent blood test today at 10am. I was half expecting a call to tell me if I should stay on same dose of merinol or change.

I've just called the ACU unit at Kingston and its shut!

I had my blood test done at a diggers my ward today though .

Do you think I should call the emergency number???

I'm back at hospital at 8.30 tmr morn for another urgent blood and scans at 9.

Not really sure what to do , on Wednesday when I had blood test I got a call later to say reduce dose.

Also , I seem to have a lot of clear discharge and A bit of pain in ovaries ( not bad - almost period type pain) is this normal ? I'm due for E/C on Wednesday all being well. Xx

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