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Hi, so me and my husband had our consent signing appointment with nurse yesterday. I am due on Tuesday, but may not be able to start this month if my blood test results are not back in time (only had the blood test done yesterday). The nurse gave a flurry of information and was talking very fast. I forgot to ask if there are any special dietary requirements whilst injecting and also if I can use gym, steam room, sauna etc.

Does anyone have any advice please


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  • I would say go easy on gym, as your ovaries might get tender. i was told to keep tummy warm before ec and then not to raise body temperature after so heat rooms will be ok before ec not after I guess x

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  • Hello all the best with the injection's ..I would just eat healthy and carry on with the gym the only advice they gave me was not to do vigorous exercise thats all they say with the FSH your ovaries can be pretty full and if they twist or the then could be difficult for egg collection other than that at the moment you should be fine with the lifestyle you have ...All the best

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