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Novelty has definitely worn off!

Feeling really fed up, had a shit day ( see earlier post) still don't feel 100%from this throat inf I've had and still got although not as bad as last week.

Fed up with the injections now, I don't feel as if my boyfriend seems that enthusiastic and he had a few beers tonight which pissed me off no end!!!

It sometimes feels like I'm the only one taking things seriously.

I'm fed up with bloody hospitals too, back tmr morn for more scans and bloods. I really don't feel positive at all , and don't have a good feeling about it like i almost know somethings going to go wrong.

I've been so strong for so long it's just really got to me today .

Sorry to moan . 😠☹️☹️

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Hi aimaim77. please dont think in that way. it is not only you who is going through this stressful n difficult journey. we are many here who are in the same boat. just calm down yourself n try to vision ur future positively..i know it is easy to say but difficult to do...i m also in the same stage n afraid of injections..but i had to make my first injection alone (my husband was at work n could not be my side) n inject myself...then i got much nervous n felt vomitting n too low.....whatever we hv to go through ths journey to c the beautiful faces of our own kids...so love should win pain n i believe lovewinspain....good luck for ur blood test n scans...

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