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Fun & games tonight with merinol inj !!!!!

So I do my injection wverybight at 9.30 , tonight was my 4th day of injecting ( I'm alternating using 1 liquid , 2 powders, then 1 liquid 3 powders. 

My boyfriend sets it all up for me and mixes it all ect so all I have to do is inject it.

Well tonight when he snapped the top bit of glass off the liquid bottle he cut his finger - blood everywhere !!! He's actually doing my head in tonight but there's me panicking him with his bloody finger !! Oh god what a night. 

Anyway I disposed of the broken liquid bottle and started again . 

When I inject, I can't feel anything ( is this because my belly is too fat)? Or are you / arnt you meant to feel anything? 

It seems wierd cos the injections don't feel like there doing anything as I've had no symptoms/ feelings. 

Is this normal? 

I go back Wednesday for my scan. 

My belly feels hugely flabby 😒That's the only effect . 

What's your experience with injections ? 

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I never feel anything when injecting, last time the odd one stung but only for seconds. I also haven't had any symptoms just trust in the science that it's working x

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