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Abdominal pain

Hi just wondering if I can get any advice. I am currently in the middle of my ICSI cycle. Before egg collection I started with lower abdominal pain and it settled down . Now a day after egg collection it's started up again I'm struggling to control it with paracetamol. The clinic is aware and saying its normal. Has anyone had any similar experiences ? 

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Hello ..I had my egg collection too and have had some abdominal pain too may be let the clinic know of the severity ..I had cysts hence the pain as they had to move around them today I am alot better hopefully you will be too I feel very bloated once all settles you should be ok ..All the best 


Thank you Kaye . It all got a lot worse I ended up going into the emergency gyne unit the pain was severe and wasn't calming down . They scanned me and my left ureter was distended which may be because my left ovary is extremely enlarged and pushing onto it. The Dr from The EC said my ovary did bleed more than usual and that too could be adding to the pain. The pain hAs settled now and I'm still having pain relief to keep it under control . Got the ET tommorw morning if all goes to plan. 


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