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Question re eggs ( may be a bit of a silly question)

They say I have a good egg reserve but I don't know how many . 

I thought we only had a certain amount of eggs. 

So, when they do egg collection and they say that I have say 9 good eggs - is that all my eggs in total so I won't have any left ?

I just wondering as if nhs IVF didn't wrk I will want to go private but if I've got no eggs left as nhs have taken out all my eggs where would that leave me ? 

Have you ever been told the number of egg reserves you have ? 

So sorry if this sounds dumb. X

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when you are a developing baby in the uterus, you will have millions of eggs. These decline by the time you are born to about a million and numbers further decline over your lifetime due to your menstrual cycle. But it is a finite number and you will run out at some point, this is when you go through menopause. In a normal month you would normally only release one egg but with IVF, you release many more due to the hormones you take.

Amh gives an indication of egg reserve but you can't put an actual number on how many are left.

So don't worry, you will have more eggs to come until you get older and reach menopause. 


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