7 weeks with an ongoing cold


I have reached 7 weeks today ! But I don't feel too good have had a bad cold for ten days, sore painful throat, lost my voice, congested, headaches, anyone with similar experience and everything turned out OK? I just think this is when the baby is develop rapidly all the organs I hope it's not harmful for the baby. The GP just told me to rest with plenty of fluids. I have a scan Friday to detect a heartbeat so a nerve wracking time..

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  • I have a cold too, and it's miserable as there's not much you can take or do for it. Long hot showers and the odd paracetamol but that's about it. It shouldn't affect the baby - if you have a fever that would be bad but as it's just a cold you should be fine. My doctor didn't seem concerned and I was just with her. I know I'm further along but I imagine it's the same. You'll probably feel more run down and tired though I guess.

  • Oh and just to say that pregnancy can make you susceptible to sinusitis. Some women have a blocked nose their entire pregnancy. I don't think you should worry unless it's an infection or you have a fever.

  • Yes, I feel a whole lot better all of a sudden about time. I went to the GP today and she said just rest plenty of fluids and it wont affect baby just will wear me out. Aww I hope you feel better soon! It's not nice.  Thank you to replying to me i really appreciate it going through a hard time right now trying to remain positive but I have a few scares such as spotting for the past 3 weeks on and off especially after physical activity. I can't wait until Fridays scan. I have just received a diagnosis to why I keep miscarrying  it was the Thyroid antibodies and I have been prescribed something for it now but hope it's not to late as it takes 7-8  days to absorb a dose.

  • Oh wow, that's great you got a diagnosis and it's treatable! I hope it works out for you - those pesky thyroid antibodies can fluctuate in pregnancy so you'll have to stay on top of testing them every few months. I feel a bit better but my voice is worn out. I also had the diabetes test today, which was tough with an overnight fast so l feel wrecked!

    Good luck for your scan, hope you see that precious heartbeat! x

  • Thank you. I tried the lemon honey and ginger with hot water it helped my voice. Maybe try if you haven't. Oh I hope it goes well for you. When are you due?

  • Must try that, husband is grocery shopping so I'll get him to add it. I went for a nap at around 3pm and fell sound asleep. Still glued to bed but must have some dinner. I still don't have a proper due date because of the twins but I have about 10 weeks left. Officially it's 15th July still but they'll be here before then. They look good at the moment anyway.

    I read your other post about thyroid. I think I get both tsh and t4 routinely checked and my GP is on the ball so when she saw it was close to being outside the range she began prescribed the eltroxin. That was a few years ago but for me it affected fertility rather than the miscarriages. It's good to have pieces of the puzzle though.

  • That's good your doing well. Not too long left. Unfortunately looks like I won't be making it past the first trimester. Bleeding a getting heavier and cramping. They don't want to see me until Friday. If I'm

    Unwell they said go to A and E.  Www.rainbowbabyhopes.wordpress.com my blog if you want to follow it. 

    That's interesting about your TSH .

  • Oh gosh, I'm so sorry to hear this. It just doesn't seem to make sense when you've done all the testing, you're looking after yourself and are on the right path. Maybe ask them about high dose folic acid. Make sure you take some time to look after yourself. x

  • Honey 

    Please try to stay sane I have heard of lots of women bleeding and babies are perfectly fine xxx

    Hope you feel better xx

  • Hi,

    I like the word 'sane' trying to conceive can make women worry. But no I know with all that's going on in my body and my symptoms it's defo a miscarriage... I've had this before .

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