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2ww time off

Hi, just wondered how many of you have taken or will take the 2ww off work? 

I was planning on taking it all off originally but now I'm wondering if I should. 

I work in a medical centre which I love  and its busy but not hard work really. 

I am thinking I may take the first few days off after transfer and then a few days after test day ? 

What do you think ? 

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It's really a personal choice. You will need time after egg collection to recover and then transfer is not long after that. Clinic usually tells you to take it easy on transfer day.

Whether you take more after that depends on how you feel and your job, stress levels and whether you feel you need more rest. I have taken all 2ww off and I did so last time when I got first bfp. But my job is very busy and stressful with a bit of travel so for me there is no question, I want to know I've given this the best chance and not have to worry about work. I will go back the day after the test if it's positive.  

But I believe lots of ladies on here work through and still get their bfp. You just have to do what feels right for you. xx


Hi, I was off work between collection and transfer but went back to work the day after the transfer.  Being careful but think it is good to keep your mind occupied with other things.


For egg collection, you will certainly need some time off. Mine were collected on the Friday of a bank holiday so I had 3 days off, then I worked a day or two and had the transfer on the Wednesday so took the rest of the week off and into the weekend. So I had a little over a week off, with a couple of easy working days in the middle. After transfer, they tell you that you can go back to work straight away and resume normal life, apart from swimming and baths, but at the same time, you want to be able to look back and think to yourself that you did everything possible to make it work. Do what feels right for you. I would have gone crazy if I'd taken 2 weeks off. If I took that much time off, I would just end up googling every little thing and going slowly mad 😊 

I ended up going to see Michael McIntyre for a weekend away during the 2ww and it was a great distraction! So even if you do take all that time off, make sure you're occupying your time.

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I took 2 weeks off and literally bed rested ... it worked for me this time round x 


I took a few days off after collection and transfer then went back to work, think I would have gone crazy otherwise. I did book OTD off but started to bleed before then so had a nice day out with hubby instead X 


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