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I'm a bit confused , I started long protocol was using down Reg spray for about 3 weeks -  apparently I did down regulate but lining thick so waiting for hysteroscopy to find out why. 

the Dr said that nxt time after my results , I will start on the short protocol ( so won't have to down reg just start injections . 

I'm confused, because I've been told my womb lining must be thin to start injections hence down regulating , but if my lining is still thick how can I start injections with a thick lining ?? 

Guess I'll wait and see what hysteroscopy shows ?? That's on 12th April . 

After I was told my last cycle was cancelled ( 3 weeks ago now) I felt really fed up so have been eating crap and had a few boozy nights . But am going back to my healthy ways after the bank holiday . 


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