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Still waiting for call

Am still waiting for a call back from clinic re my "urgent " blood test they did this morning .,

I'm now starting to question myself if I've been doing the nasal spray correctly !

I do it three times a day both nostrils 1 spray - sometimes a tiny bit may trickle out .

Maybe I'm going it wrong of my lining is still thick ! ?

I really hope they don't tell me this is canceled !

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Either way it's not your fault. Can you not call them


Hi, Aim! This is confusing.. I mean not the spray using - it's just ok. But the call absence.. If the situation turned out to be urgent so why not to call you back and tell everything!?

I don't think they'll cancel the treatment as your lining is supposed to be not that thick after meds..I hope it will work out for you really.

Have my fingers crossed. Keep us updated, honey Xx

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