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Help with Transvaginal Scan

I have recently had the group counselling session for IVF treatment. I am just a bit worried about all the transvaginal scans they need to do in this process. I have had all the checks done and the last time they tried to do the transvaginal scan, they couldn't do it as it was too painful. In the end they had to do a laparoscopy. Is there an alternative as I am worried they won't proceed with treatment without doing these scans. They are just too painful to have done


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Hi Ditsy, I'm sorry to hear you're worried about the internal scans. Do you know why you found it so painful before? Perhaps you were very tense? Or maybe you weren't quite in the right position? I don't want to worry you but in answer to your question yes - my experience was that I was scanned a lot as they monitor your follicle growth and womb lining, and they were all transvaginal. Obviously when you have your egg collection and transfer you are also being poked around with quite considerably up there as well! Do you find smear tests a problem?

Speak to your clinic as they may have an alternative solution for you, but I'm not sure they can really get to look at your ovaries and uterus properly without doing an internal scan to be honest? Perhaps look at some relaxation and breathing techniques to help you. Honestly, after the first one or two you're completely used to it & know exactly how to position yourself to help 'guide' it in (🙈) without them instructing you and it becomes second nature. Maybe you weren't quite in the right position last time or they didn't use enough lubrication, you could ask them to use more in future? I had a terribly painful smear test once because they didn't use lube - bloody awful!

Good luck, try not to worry, I found the nurses to be very gentle and considerate 👍🏼 X



Thankyou .. . maybe I was tense . .. I will speak to the nurse at the next appointment as need to get this issue sorted before starting my IVF journey !!

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Dear, ditsy! You're absolutely right that they won't go on with the treatment without the scans. This is the means of monitoring and it's better for the patient for the most part to have that thorough examination each time. I do understand it's rather painful, and I'm terribly sorry for you, girl. but still there is nothing to do with the scans, they're just vital. In my case this was also too painful until they performed lapo. Fortunately it helped to remove the tissues and the pain. So I'm lucky from this side. All the following scans after lapo were just ok while all the process.

I'm worried about why do you still feel pain after lapo done?? Maybe only a short period of time passed after you surgery and you haven't recovered fully yet?.. What does your doc say?

For the most part lapo does bring relief. So probably you have to take more time for healing.

Wish you all the best, dear. Hugs x



I had my lap done last October, so I think it should have healed by now . .I have a very narrow tight canal (sorry about tmi), so that may be the reason for this . . just wondering what would help with my issue. I havent had transvaginal scan since having the lap done, so it might be ok to be carried out . . .



Maybe you could try taking some paracetamol before your scans? Also try some deep breathing to relax (in for 7, out for 11), and try to consciously relax your body while you're doing it. Hopefully, the pain was just caused by tensing and these techniques will help.

Good luck x


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