How long on stims injections

Just wanted to get some advice , was wondering how long you stay on the stims inj before egg col?

Is it meant to be 10 or 14 days or will it be different for each individual ?

Also, has anyone's down reg process not worked before? I'm a little concerned as been on down reg spray for 13days now and scan showed still not ready to start stims . How long would they keep me on down reg meds.

Really don't want to be held up my EC date was pencilled in for 14th March and I've literally been counting the weeks/ days and I'm now thinking it's all gonna be put back again !

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  • Hello

    It completely depends on the individual. Your AMH level will probably play a part as will the dose you are given and how your body reacts. I think I was 14 days from taking my first injection to EC which included taking the trigger shot.

    Just try to take it one day at a time.

    Good luck!

  • Hi Hun, I was on stims 9 days last time and on down Reg for 3.5 weeks! Bloody NHS timings as couldn't get me in for my baseline scan. Day 9 was too early for me as out of the 7 eggs only 2 were mature. So I'm on day 5 today so going for scan to see how I'm doing, I expect they will keep me on the stims longer than 9 days this time so I'll let you know. I don't know my EC date yet - I'm probably a week away, I'm not holding onto exact dates as they can change and this is the hard part for me as I'm a planner! My consultant (private with her this time) hasn't given me any exact dates either so I'm just waiting for the scans... This process has taught me patience, I never had patience before! I'll keep you posted when I go in and it will give you a good idea hopefully what it can be. It is different for everyone as we all respond different to the stims dependent on our age, dosage of drugs etc... I hope one day someone invents a much easier process!xx

  • Hi that would be fab is you could let me know . Hope all goes well today for u x

  • It's completely down to the individual. Can't talk for down regs as I was on short protocol but my stims went from 10 days to 15. Try to be patient and prepare yourself for days being put back. Remember it is all so that you have the best conditions for your embryo(s).

    Good luck!

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