What's your opinion?

Hello everyone. Just thought I'd write this in case anyone has any advice or experience to share.

Actually I’m asking this for my friend who is so nervous and overwhelmed these days that cannot hear a single wise word. What if she’ll listen to what the lovely ladies here think of her problem, not me, her best friend from the childhood?!

She’s 38, and she keeps saying that the urgency is creeping up… Her current partner would love to have a child. And she would like to expand their ‘family’ as well. However she wonders what options do they have?

Half a year ago she got to know about her endometriosis. From that time she began seeking for info on the case. And got pretty good amount of it. She told me once women having it mild believe this is not a big deal. But she believes her case has more complicated sides. So, if a lapo can make it possible for her to conceive, what do you suspect in relation to the tubal damage?

Is there some of such risks and how it worked out for you, if there are some of you having passed such a procedure? What’s your experience?

Many thanks in advance.


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