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1st cycle BFP😃

Hi everyone firstly I want to say I'm sorry for everyone that has recently had bfn, the journey is incredibly hard. Just keep going if you can and remember this IVF stuff makes us stronger!

Good luck to all the girlies injecting, the reason I have put this up is to give you all some hope of a bfp.

obviously it is early days for me, so staying positive until the next scan on the 15th Dec.

Take care and lots of baby dust and positive vibes to you all 💕💕💕💕

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Congratulations and thankyou for sharing, it does give some hope to us injecties! Hope all goes well 😀X


Congratulations! Thanks for the positive news! x


Hello how did your scan go x


7 weeks we got a heartbeat 3 days later stopped growing! I'm having surgical removal on the 4th Jan! Very sad but we will keep going 💕


So sorry to hear this . I haven't been through it but deepest of sympathy xx


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