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Hi I started my bueserilin injections on Saturday and wondered if there are any others out there that have started their IVF cycle just now? Also could anyone advise on any thing to avoid doing while on Bueserilin and any side effects? I seem to have no concentration at all and very distracted and also noticed quite a lot of hair loss the last 2 days. Don't know if I am maybe just paranoid! I start my FSH on the 17th October and wondered if anyone could advise what side effects they experienced and again any advise on what I should be doing. I have been trying to stick to my normal routine as much as possible but I have stopped any exercise for just now and have been going for walks instead. Thanks any advice, personal experiences would be greatly appreciated!

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  • Hello how are you getting on?

  • Hi juliajalapeno I am just waiting for my test date, so patiently waiting for the 2 weeks to past. Are you currently doing ivf?


  • All the best for these two weeks. Keep calm and relaxed and think positively. You're an inspiration to me to have got this far!

    I've just started suprecur / buserelin nasal spray and I'm on day 5 of it. I've had a scan date through this morning for 23 Nov which will be day 19 of taking the spray. Is this normal from your experience?

  • Thank you! I was on buserelin injections for 18 days then I got my first scan so I would say this would be normal. I then started Gonal F the stimulating injection the week after I think. How are you getting on with the nasal spray? I never got the option for that it was just injections. x

  • Thank you. That's reassuring. The spray isn't pleasant in terms of after taste and how runny it is but it is fine and I'm managing to drive safely etc.

    Take care x

  • That's good! Wishing you all the best and good luck. If you have any questions please just message me. I know how scary it is and sometimes you feel alone, its nice to have a bit of reassurance. x

  • Thank you so much for your kind offer. It is very much appreciated. x

  • How are you doing? I was thinking of you so just wanted to say hi. x

  • Hi Julia, I'm not bad thanks considering. How are you getting on? I found out last friday that our ivf cycle had failed as I started bleeding and this was my period and not just spotting as I thought it was to begin with. I spent the whole weekend devastated in a daze and didn't really take it all in until I did my pregnancy test on Tuesday which was obviously negative. So to have a break from all things hospital and work related I have booked to go to New York leaving next week for 5 days. Both hubby and I need a escape from everything. Our next round of treatment starts in Jan/Feb 2016. Hope you are keeping well and all the best for your scan on Monday. Wishing you lot's of luck and fingers crossed for you that your cycle is successful :-) x

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