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IVF low egg reserve?

Hi All, first time using this. Really desperate for some advice ladies. I am lined up for IVF an i only have one ovary. My egg reserve is extremely low an i am really worried that i will not have many left if the treatment fails in order to conceive naturally. I have been told that they will freeze the spare eggs, does that mean i have to go through another cycle in order to use my eggs? An what are my chances conceiving naturally if i do go ahead with ivf knowing that i already have a low reserve? I am 30yrs old an trying for our first child. Any support an advice would be greatful :(

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Oh dear, I just saw this otherwise I would have replied you.

I guess you just have to hang in there. I was told the same thing even though I have 2 ovaries, the consultant is even suggesting I use donor eggs but I have been keeping my faith and staying strong that all will turn out well in the end and I won't need to (no offence to those who do and I think it's very brave of them).

Like I said earlier, just hang in there x


Thanks hun, did go through ivf but it failed. Had two transferred back but nothing :( x


Will you consider donor egg if you have to? I am not a doctor but I was told the quality of egg is a determining factor as you would imagine. I have decided I'll go for ICSI with a donor egg (I can't go another year without being a mum). All the best in whatever you decide.x


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