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Egg donation

Hi - I was told yesterday at 37 years old I only have a 7% chance of conceiving and IVF wouldn't change this. Apparently my FSH is 28 - doesn't mean much to me I was crying too much when he explained lol. There was a mention of Egg Donation but im just wondering if anyone knows the cost of this through the NHS? My partner has kids from his previous relationship so I do not qualify for funding. x

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Hi Karen, I just wondered if you had AMH levels checked and did you have a scan for your follicles? I am based in Ireland so don't know how NHS works for this but after 3 miscarriages and many tests, I went to a private fertility clinic recently. They checked AMH and scanned my follicles. My AMH is low (indicating my egg reserve is low and the quality may not be so good) and my periods are shortening which concerns them. I also didn't have as many follicles as they would like but I have some so they said all you need are a few to work. We're going to give IVF a go next month. If it fails, then we will look at our options, one of which could be egg donation, I don't know. I am 36, we are trying for 3.5 years and it is so hard, especially with 3 miscarriages and it seems like everyone else has no problems. Stay positive, I felt relief when I was told IVF could work for us. I feel it's our best chance right now and fingers crossed it works. I start my hormone injections tomorrow.

Over here, AMH seems to be what they rely on the most as an indication of egg quality. It's worth asking about this test if you haven't done it yet. I wish you best of luck with it, it's not an easy journey to have to take. You almost need to learn a whole new language with all the terms they throw at you!


Hi Karen, sorry to hear about ur situation. my FSH was also very high an i was 28 when i had the test results back. I am still trying for my first child an also my AMH isnt good which means very low egg reserve they said. They are putting me forward for IVF but nothing is guaranteed. The good news is you can bring down ur FSH levels an mine has dropped from 14 to 7, in a matter of 4months. I have been doing the cupping treatment for fertility not sure if u have heard of that? A middle east treatment known as hijama? Cleansing toxins from blood, an increasing blood circulation, also i have changed my diet to organic products such as free range eggs, milk etc as they harm us with all sorts of hormones. Try looking into that. Hope this helps xx


Hello Karen,

I am sorry to hear this. It's an incredibly difficult time for any women. It might be worth going for some counselling. I did this last year and it really made an enormous difference. I felt more relaxed and calmer afterwards which in turn helped me to think straight and get through all the appointments!

Unfortunately I can't help re egg donation costs but there is another Health Inlocked forum called Infertility Network UK and I know there are a few women on that forum either donating or sharing eggs. It might be worth posting there to get some answers to your questions on this.

Take care x


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