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After the first 6 months of blood tests and urologist appointement the Day of the second referral appointement is finally here; i don t sleep the night before, i m extremely emotional and a total mess a mix of excitement, wondering, expectations and fear, we get there and the consultant says we need a virologie test and a new hormone test (it s been more than 6 month) and they have to contact our GP to write a letter confirming that we're able to raise a child then we have to contact the nurse so she can send a letter to the hospital and wait for referral.

Other the one month setback and extra wait, i was angry that all this could ve been done with the other tests. I m sooo angry.

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Hi ZinebBC

Sorry to hear this, it must be really frustrating for you! When it comes to fertility treatment it can feel like it takes an eternity for anything to happen! Fingers crossed it's all resolved quickly. Good luck x

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