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Re: Egg donation dilemma

Egg donation dilemma.

Does anyone have any experience of what we perceive to be an egg donation dilemma.

Should we be troubled (we have been getting tied in knots over this issue for several months) with giving the child the right to find out their donor mother and possible siblings by going to Prague. There the price for egg donation is considerably cheaper, the statistics for success are higher because the donors are from younger women and the donor remains anonymous. In addition the waiting times are shorter as there is a large database of donors.

However, if you opt for England the costs are more expensive, there are no guarantees that they will find us a donor after nine months (therefore we could potentially waste this large chunk of time), and the success rate is lower - although you would never have to worry about the child's right to finding out about their donor mother and possible siblings.

We understand that of course the child might not want to pursue that course and / or the donor mother and siblings might not want to communicate.

Does anyone else share this dilemma and have any advice?

In addition we have had unsuccessful IVF treatment using our own eggs at a London clinic who have a sister clinic in Prague. Does anyone have any positive experiences of egg donation in Prague?

Many thanks.


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Hello, unfortunately I can't help with your query but it might be worth posting this on the Infertility Network UK page on this site. It's s bit more active than his page and I know women on that page have had egg donation or been treated in the Czech Republic - good luck! x


Thanks so much for your reply. Very good suggestion - I'll do that. x


What was your experience? I see the year has passed. Hope you have your child now! What have you decided? I am waiting for my journey to Ukraine. I wrote about it, but cannot hide my excitement. What was the cost in England and how were you satisfied with the treatment? Hoping for your reply!


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