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3rd time lucky maybe

Happy Thursday's to us all.....

We went to see a lady that came highly recommended in this field of fertility yesterday and left feeling that we had been reprimanded but in a good way.

After giving her my history and the low down of the 2 failed cycles she wasn't impressed with the fact we had to move our eggs about after collection and then she hadn't even heard of her.

I suggested donor eggs and she was mortified and asked why j was even thinking of such a thing when my eggs considering the 2 previous tried seems to be ok just treatment needs to be tweaked.

The best thing about her even though she showed no emotion again not in a bad was she said if she doesnt think she can get us there or if anything changes through the process she will stop treatment and not break out hearts of give us false hope but tell us point blank we don't have a hope in hell....SOLD

We left there feeling like we had lost £1 and found a £1000 so we are just deciding what to do but feel positive about it even though am 40....

Happy Thursdays to you all😘

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Hello Tamtam1, Glad to hear you are feeling positive Sometimes you need someone to just talk straight and tell you how it is. It's definitely not unheard of for women to have children at 40 and older! Best of luck, I hope it all works out for you x


2 of my friends are 40 and naturally pregnant, i hope thing work for you this time. false hope is so tempting and yet the worse, good on that doctor to be clear on that point


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