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Hi I started first lot of injections went for my bloods today and to get go ahead to start gonal, sadly issue with scan, heart shaped uterus and some fluid on one of my tubes. So treatment halted MRI required to determine if I have septate uterus or just an indentation and of fluid is requirement for tubal clip or if a pocket of fluid as I have had two Previous surgeries for my crohns.?so upset has anyone else had this welcome any reassurance. My mum is paying for a private MRI as the waiting game is too much especially after starting the treatment.

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Hi,things pop up sometimes and stall the IVF journey sometimes.Mine was Endometriosis/Fibroid and am sorting it out.Do not panic and try to take each day as it goes.

...You have an amazing mum as emotional and Financial support isn't easy to come by these days.

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Congratilations on your start! I imagine your excitement as we've been the same not so long ago. Although you are afraid of everything when it's your first time, you don't know what to expect for sure and it's not that difficult to overcome as for me. We were curious about everything and can't say it was fear that filled us, rather excitement. Our first try has become successful. I hope our experience will bring you more positive thoughts about your own results. Lots of luck to you


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