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Bad news...now confused :-(

Had my HSG test on 30 December and the consultant there said "all fine". At the follow up three weeks ago we were told that Both tubes are blocked and that I have low AMH levels, therefore ineligible for NHS funding for IVF. He didn't mention following up with a laparoscopy or other tubal investigation. Our consultant recommended we go for counselling and then speak to hospital again about egg donation.

In the weeks that have followed I think it's fair to say we've experienced every single negative emotion under the sun. In the more positive moments we've looked into ED and if this is the only road open, then bring it on. But a few conversations with different people since who have been through the fertility route have left me wondering whether we've been fobbed off by the hospital.

Should we be writing my reserves off completely at this stage and looking at this yet or should I be kicking off with the hospital and pushing for a laparoscopy version of the HSG? advice gratefully received.

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I say pray prayer is the best thing to do god is the one who has all the answers at this point. When one door closes he will open another one when its time. Giving prayers in advance in Jesus Name Amen....


I would recommend you to go for a second opinion...a consultation to be absolutely sure before taking any step..


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