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hello everyone, i had my tubes removed two month ago (6 of november) and my doctor (dr. Macrow in Pinderfields(wakefield) ) told me that he had send a letter to reffer me to nhs ivf clinic in Leeds, but its been two months already so im getting worried is it ok that im waiting that long or somethings wrong.

Hope somebody can help me with advise.


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Hi. I am sure it's nothing to worry about the clinic is probably very busy. I would telephone the clinic in Leeds to see if they have received the referral letter if they haven't I would go back to your doctor. Tasha

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Tnx, Tasha18 for ur reply.

But my problem is that i dont really know which clinic is it. All i know is that is a NHS clinic, which is goverment paid by, maybe you know how many they have them in Leeds.


Hi ring up the IVF unit to check you are on the waiting list. I was waiting for 6 months and when I called IVF they had not received my referral.

Good luck with your journey


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