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Pelvic Inflammatory Disease & Infertility

Diagnosed with Pelvic inflammatory disease approx 20 years ago, after being admitted into Accident & Emergency at my local hospital. I had been experiencing excruciating abdominal pain, and called for an ambulance 3 days later when the pain became unbearable.

I was admitted into a ward to stay overnight, where a dr advised me that the pain I was suffering was due to having contracted PID (pelvic inflammatory disease). As a young 18 year old with a 2 year old son (unplanned) the last thing I wanted was anymore children.

The Dr advised me that PID can cause infertility and prescribed me with antibiotics emphasizing the importance of following the instructions on the label which was to take a pill each day for the duration of 30 days (if I recall correctly) ...

At that age, I wasn't at all maternal, and as I lived with my mother she made it very easy for me to carry on with life as normal whilst she too on most of the child care. So with these combinations, being irresponsible and young, as well as already having had a child, which I had not fully bonded with (maternally)! The thought of getting pregnant again TERRIFIEDD me. Knowing my personality, I knew that I wasn’t disciplined enough to remember to take the pill every day. I had tried the injection as an alternative, however didn’t get on well with that as I was one of the few who as a consequence had a continual period, albeit light, I still had to wear panty liners every day, PLUS I gained weight on it. Therefore as I was single and far from ‘promiscuous’ I was quite relieved to hear that I may become infertile! (How foolish I was!).

Another further example of my problem with sticking to routines etc, is that I didn’t follow the Drs Advice by NOT completing the medication she had given me. I think I took them on and off for a course of two weeks. As the pain had gone! In my 'foolish' mind, I felt that was good enough for me, and just forgot to complete the course, and just carried on with life - focusing more on my career and education.

I have only had a few relationships in my life and they have always been borne out of friendships initially. I have never had a one night stand. I was quite reserved in that way, and would date for at least 2-3 months before even contemplating a sexual relationship!

However, being older and wiser, in hindsight I guess it doesn't really make a difference whether you wait for 3 months or have a one night stand! Because there is no difference in knowing whether the guy you have slept with has had any STI's! The only difference in the whole dating beforehand is more of moral, values, and respect for oneself! As well as forming an emotional attachment too.

I left the security of my mother’s house when my son was 5, and eventually ended up buying my own little cottage for just the two of us! Mother and son! It was then, that I began an amazing relationship with my son! I was finally able to experience that maternal love and feeling that we all have as mothers.

Over the years I have had 4 long relationships and throughout all of them - I have not been on any form of contraception! I had been with my then boyfriend for 3 years and discussed that I wanted to get some clarity and reassured him that it was in no way because I wanted to get pregnant (as he wasn't ready).

I approached my Dr about this, and I advised her that I suspected that my 'tubes' may be blocked. I didn't say that I wanted a child at that time, however needed clarity as to why I hadn't fallen pregnant. My Dr arranged for me to have a Laproscopy and Dye ... of which they confirmed that nothing was wrong with my tubes.

I returned home and got on as normal. Within a week from my Lap & Dye op, I became pregnant! Regrettably it wasn’t meant to be, as I became quite ill, and my partner was adamant that he wasn’t ready also. I am not sure whether I was ready also to be honest!

I painstakingly agreed to a termination. I cried all the way there and when we arrived at the clinic, I couldn't hide my upset. I had to hide away in the toilet as I was crying so much! I remember them calling me as they were ready, and they basically ushered me into the operating room - and I awoke 15 mins later, minus my baby!

Having fallen pregnant within a week of this operation, I know I am capable of conceiving, but what I need to know is since the termination, it appears my tubes have closed again. How can I get them repaired?

I am 38, and a feeling of urgency is creeping up ... My current partner would LOVE to have a child with me, and I too with him, however what options do I have?

If a Lap & Dye can make it possible for me to conceive, what do you suspect in relation to the tubal damage?

Many thanks in advance

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What methods did they use to diagnose you? I have been back and forth to the GP/hospital and no further forward with what is causing me pain xx