Successful pregnancy in Ukraine

Dear! I could not write you my gratitude letter for such a value help for our family. You do so good deed and help people in a decision of such a complicated question. We were almost in the stalemate, and your company really gave us the lifebuoy ring. Offering your sincere help to people you give them gladness and hope for the happy maternity. When applied to you we understood that we really had a chance. Your qualified personnel helped to take a very important decision.

I will tell you our history. We were thinking that that was a tragedy and lost the last hope. But we got the chance here. I could not become pregnant during many years.

All my attempts were useless in different clinics. I could say that all that was approaching our divorce. Our relatives told us about ICSI and agency which has such program. We applied to it shortly and think that that was the best decision in our life. The agency specialist clearly told us that ISCI+IVF procedure would increase our chances in many times. If somebody does not know I can explain that in comparison with classical IVF during which fertilization is made by placing of sperm into a vessel with an oocyte, in a case of ICSI specialists select the best “candidate” and inject it in oocyte cytoplasm. Owing to that the fertilization is positive. No donation is needed. We made sure of that on our own experience. We want to thank you for your beautiful service, Parentage. We are OK now and preparing for our beautiful daughter birth!

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  • Thank you for sharing. I will also check their site. :) And congratulations!!!!!

  • WOW! That is incredible. I must say that I'm in the same boat. I have also found a clinic that works wonders. I'm so happy for you! It sounds like it's worked a treat. I'm tickled pink. Congratulations. My husband and I used Biotex and we were very satisfied. It sounds like you were very happy as well. We were confused at first and overwhelmed. But then we saw this opportunity and had to take it. I'm glad we did because my first attempt was successful. I wasn't quite sure what I was getting myself into but are we really ever sure? xD Anyway, I couldn't be more pleased. Everything was covered, even the nitty gritty details I don't know that much about. It was fantastic. I'm SO pleased you had a similar experience!!!! That is so wonderful. Now we are both able to leave a legacy. Thank you for your kindness. Thank you for sharing.

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