We were surprisingly lucky

We were surprisingly lucky to find Parentage.pro after a horrible experience with another agency a year and a half ago. Then we survived a miscarriage on the eighth week of pregnancy of our surrogate mother. Our dreams already seemed unrealizable, there was a deep depression. Employees of Parentage.pro lit up a new light of hope, we felt in reliable hands after we were so professionally and in detail told about the whole process of surrogate motherhood. Parentage.pro found on the most delightful surrogate mother. She approached us in everything! We have a unique and touching relationship with her and her family. All our travels with the agency were fantastic and our gratitude has no borders!

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  • Very cool. I'm pleased for you!!!! It's great to hear positive stories. After so much negativity here it can get a bit down. I'm happy for you! I went for Biotex and I was happy with my choice as well. Great options and good prices. I'm pleased and so is my husband and so will be our baby! Hahaha. We shall see. It's all very exciting. Anyway, take care. :) xx

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