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Not politically correct but sometimes we need a sense of humour :)

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Was looking for positive quotes and nearly spat out my drink laughing at this....

It's just exactly how this process and comments from well meaning family and friends make me feel like saying ;)

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Ha ha! Love it x

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He he good isn't it ;)

I have just logged in to send you a message to say just those three things to you ..... I'll shut up now ;-) Only kidding... This made me chuckle. Thanks for the cheer up

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Ha ha ha glad to make you giggle, we all need humour especially in this journey ;)

Hi. I just want to say that I think you are fab, I read all your posts & I hope and wish you the very best. X

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Right back at you molly :) anyone on this journey either has to me amazing or insane or a mix :) big hugs

Hehe can't count the number of times people have said that to me! But then, expect I've said it to others - d'oh!! Xx

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He he we are great cheer leaders until it comes to our own situation :) it'll make is great mums. Do as I say not as I do ;)

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Love it!! I tell clients they have permission to slap people when they say 'just relax'. A Harvard study has demonstrated that the stress levels of women experiencing infertility are equivalent to those with AIDS, cancer and heart disease. And no-one tells them just to relax!!

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Thanks Steve ;)

My other favourite is:

"If you stop trying it will happen"

How on earth can it happen if you're not trying????!!!! 🙈

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There are some real corkers aren't there.

I also like, you can always try again ( cos it's soooo easy)

And the I know a girl who when Ivf didn't work got pregnant naturally... Begs the question why was she doing it then?

Big hugs xx

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I love these posts... I had to put the f off one on my Facebook page... I don't think anyone is going to tell me to relax and chill again ha ha!!! A PT at the gym... (Had to chill out on exercise before first round of IVF last year, so told him why I couldn't lift a tractor tire) he said 'Oh I know loads of people who go on holiday and relax and it happens... ' lucky them! they get a holiday and a baby... Grrrrr! I think we should come up with some more phrases to help us through this stressful time! Xx

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Perhaps you should have done kick boxing, using him as the cushion ;)

Ha ha loving thesee comments! My worst so far has been "oh I know what you're going through. I went through it with my work friend who had IVF".... DEEP BREATH! 😂😂 xx