Need advice, please!

Well, the case is new for me. I’ve never been in such a situation but a good friend of mine really needs advice and support now. Hopefully this discussion it helps someone in the long run.

So as of July 2015 Jenny found out she has had Chlamydia for over a year. Moreover her doctors knew about it but forgot to mention it to her. Or even didn’t give her proper medication. She had no symptoms nor did her boyfriend. She was in a previous marriage that her husband was extremely unfaithful and she believes she’s contracted it from him.

Her GYN caught it once she tried doing a pap on her. She complained that her cervix was uncontrollably bleeding that time. The doc did the tests and let her know it was an STD. I remember her being as pale as a ghost though she’s a very tan woman.

Well after days of research she found out that having chlamydia for some time untreated can cause infertility. Besides it she has blocked tubes. And now she has been depressed for weeks. I don’t know what shall I do to support her.

They are still doing an investigation on the clinic on to what happen and how they can fix the issue. They will be going through either surgery or IVF not entirely sure yet but just wanted to get some input on others experiences with IVF. She’s already had HSG done and as painful as it was it did not unblock. Any advice, would be greatly appreciated. :) have a blessed day.

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  • Hi. Poor thing this lady is. This is what I came across on your topic. Faithfully, I’ve never been in her shoes.

    “In most cases, STDs/STIs are linked to infertility primarily when they are left untreated.

    For instance, chlamydia and gonorrhea are sexually transmitted bacterial infections. They can be cured easily with antibiotics. Left untreated, 10-20% of chlamydial and gonorrheal infections in women can result in pelvic inflammatory disease. It’s a condition that can cause long-term complications, such as chronic pelvic pain, ectopic pregnancy and infertility.

    Additionally, infections with gonorrhea and chlamydia may not cause symptoms and may go unnoticed. These undiagnosed and untreated infections can lead to severe health consequences. Especially in women, causing permanent damage to reproductive organs.”

    So, I believe she is not in the best state of things unfortunately.. But let it be an expert who’ll explain her everything. Let her simply having you as the one to lean on. This may help.

    All the best for you.

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