Has anyone had IVF at Biotex or ISIDA in Ukraine?

My partner and I are posting today as we are hoping to find anyone who has experience of IVF in Ukraine.

We’ve been in contact with the two clinics we are interested in and all looks well, however we’ve found it very hard to find comments from actual users – this is probably more useful that just believing what any clinic might purport!!!

The two clinics are:

Biotex - Kiev

ISIDA Fertility Clinic - Kiev

We are a couple who need IVF as my partner has had a vasectomy many years ago and two reversal attempts did not work – we will be able to use his sperm via sperm retrieval. Thankfully my eggs are okay so no need for donor eggs.

If anyone has any experience of these two clinics we would love to hear from you 

Many thanks

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  • Hi, sorry cant help much with personal experiences. For sure you will find more info on Russian (-speaking) fertility forum probirka org, not sure but check over the international forums on fertilityfriends co uk. I have read comments about both, but unfortunately cannot remember details well, but rather positive ones.

    And i have found some reviews on eggdonationfriends com/clinics/biotexcom-clinic/

    and a couple on ISIDA eggdonationfriends com/clinics/isida-clinic/ xx

  • Hi Alockie.

    Thanks very much for your response, I appreciate it :-)

    I'd not heard of probirka.org however their ratings are from 2012 - a lot can happen to a clinic over 4 years! My computer says no to Fertility Friends (has arguments with java for unknown reasons). The Egg Donation Friends was useful, and had up to date reviews, so thank you for that.

    I will keep researching....at the risk of sounding ridiculous I'm sure it would be easier to have a baby than trying to work out clinics' stats / level of service / success rates. I can feel a book coming on.......

    Thanks again :-)

  • Hi, Sharly! We've passed our first de ivf in Greece and we loved time spent there. Thankfully we gave a birth to our Pam, who is 2 yo now.

    Right at the moment we're thinking about applying for the procedure in Biotexcom you've mentioned at the beginning.

    For egg donation the clinic suggests 3 programs. It goes like the following:

    1 attempt - ECONOMY - 4900 euro in 1 installment after you sign the contract. In case selective reduction is needed we will be charged 1000 euro additionally.

    2 attempts - DOUBLE - 6900 euro in 2 equal installments. Selective reduction is covered by the package price.

    5 attempts - GUARANTEED SUCCESS - 9900 euro in 2 equal installments. In case of 5 negatives they refund the money paid. Selective reduction is covered by the package price as well.

    Here we're for plan#3.

    Also each package covers the following:

    1. Medical treatment (It goes like they're working according to the leading treatment plans. Proved being efficient, and that allows them not to have age limit for egg donation programs).

    2. Egg donor fee (donor base contains more than 300 young (not older than 27) with proven fertility). Every donor has at least one healthy child of her own.

    3. Medications needed.

    4. Services of the manager in charge of the program.

    5. Accommodation.

    6. Meals.

    7. Transportations.

    Wish you all the best X

  • Hi, what is the name of the clinic in Greece? We are looking for a gestational surrogate no donors at this time and live in the USA.

  • Hi Marmo :-)

    Thanks for all the info.

    We are lucky that we don't need an egg donor and can use my eggs x

    My dealings with Biotex so far via email have been very good; they have been patient whilst I go back and forth with my many questions. I've seen on the net though that some patients have found some of the staff rather rude in person. To be honest I can handle that and perhaps that is just a cultural difference anyway!!!!

    I wish you the best of luck and would love to hear how it goes for you at Biotex x

  • Hi, dear! How are you doing? Hope everything is just ok with your treatment.

    As for the people being rude there I haven't noticed even the single one, so probably this IS culture difference. I should say people we've spoken to are rather kind and understanding.

    I've got some news. We're waiting for our 1st app in the clinic on 30th March. This is what we're waiting for briefly.

    After defining the date for initial consultation we were sent the list of the required documents. These are transvaginal ultrasound check results. Breast ultrasound check results (I'm 43 and never had any breast problems). Chest X-ray (for both me and my husband). Doctor's certificate that I am healthy enough to carry out a baby and that pregnancy is not prohibited for me. Also sperm count if available.

    Then the initial consultation itself. We both are to come to the clinic to undergo the required tests (blood tests for both, pap smear, sperm count). The doc will study our medical records. He'll perform transvaginal ultrasound check and evaluate our chances to successfully accomplish the program. Then we'll ask everything about our treatment plan. (I've already got a long list!!) Also they give us the medications needed for my subsequent stimulation protocol. If everything's ok, all agreements signed..

    What about you?? Anything new? Hugs Xx

  • Hi Marmo:

    We are going to Biotex next month to set up a gestational carrier for our embryos. Is there anything particular you would recommend to do specifically that you would recommend by experience for first time consultation visit?

  • Hi hokiss142:

    My wife and I are thinking of using Biotex as well. She wants the VIP plan and I want the Standard. Which do you prefer?

  • Hi, great nice to hear from you :-)

    Sorry for my delay in coming back to you. 

    We decided to go to Denmark in the end! They just seemed to fulfill all our requirements. We didn't need to go there at all for a consultation, all the testing was done here in London and they were able to establish a treatment protocol after looking at all the test results. I'll start the nasal spray on 7 April and have a scan in London. I don't feel phased at all, just really excited that it's actually going to happen now!

    Brilliant that you are going for a consultation tomorrow - you have a very busy day with all the tests! I found that Ukraine in general required more tests than anywhere else I looked at and I still can't work out why they would require a chest x ray (particularly for the man!!!)...if you find out I'd be interested to know!!!! may I ask whether you have chosen to go for a package? Good luck hope it all goes well, let me know how you get on xx 

  • Hi Sharly can you please share with me the name of the clinic in Denmark and how was your experience. We are planning to go there and it would be very helpful your information. I hope you are pregnant now!!!!

  • Hi Virginia

    We went to Trianglen trianglen.com/ and I am now 22 weeks pregnant on our 2nd attempt!!!

    The staff were all very good and the clinic itself is set in a quiet neighbourhood and it's very calming inside with lots of natural light - we joked about how they played 'whale music'. The process was made very straightforward, we didn't even have a consultation in person (by choice). All the tests were done here privately beforehand in London and I picked up the medication at ASDA - we only went for the sperm/egg pick up and transfer in Denmark.

    Most of the ongoing correspondence was with one of their medical secretaries via email, though we could have called in if necessary.

    After the first failed attempt the doctor suggested that on the 2nd attempt that they do the collection a day earlier (there was only one mature egg on the first attempt). One the 2nd attempt, had I have not been on the ball and insisted on this with one of the secretaries it would have been missed, that is the only bad thing I can say about our experience.

    After the 2nd attempt, it took some weeks before Trianglen contacted me to find out the outcome. That suited me as we decided that we wouldn't do a pregnancy until 8 weeks so we could book in a scan the day after should it be positive. I appreciated not being hassled for the result of a pregnancy test but I guess that might make some women feel that they were uninterested. I think they are just being a bit Danish - straightforward and matter of fact.

    I would recommend them, and I would be happy to go there again for (fingers crossed) baby no. 2.

    I hope that helps :-) I'm happy to answer any more questions if you are interested in Trianglen

  • We met Biotexcom team for approximately ten minutes. We glanced at three profiles of surrogates- we where given under two minutes to peak and I am not being facetious. And we went to the clinic once per day to make a "donation" in which twice one of us had specimens picked up by a janitor. Each time we entered the clinic, and exited the clinic we where asked to pay, even though we had already paid and it was the same person at the door every time. We never did go sight-seeing because the two times we attempted to do so, we where asked to come to the clinic for something, both times resulting in us sitting for about four hours, and then sent back to the hotel to await another phone call.

    We where assured that everything was fine, and it was cultural differences by the facilitator Gabriel. who was our contact person while in Ukraine- she was in Australia.

    As the days wore on we worried, why haven't we met the surrogates, the donor, the lawyer? Soon, on the 10'th day, still nothing. We didn't even pack to leave until 45 minutes before our driver came to bring us to the airport. Still nothing. As we exited the prepaid guesthouse, we where told we could not leave without paying- an additional $450.00 USD for items we used? We had no idea.

    While in the car, we asked the driver to please call the clinic and express our concern, which he obliged. We where told that Doctor was not available, and to check out email and voicemail before the 17 hr plane ride home and once we landed. Which we did.When we landed, the email we received stated that we breached our contract. No implantation took place, and we had 18 frozen embryo's. We where also told that to move forward we would have to pay $20,950 to proceed with two surrogates because the two woman we where matched with did not want to work with us anymore because we just left... How do you just up and leave if you are 17 hours away from your home?

    We attempted to negotiate to no avail. We asked for the embryos to be shipped, and they had been misplaced for several months. Misplaced- how do you know if something is yours if it has been lost, and it can only be seen under a microscope? Then, when we agreed to move forward, but said we could only work with one surrogate, we never heard from them. :(

  • Wait a minute... I've seen that comment somewhere, but couldn't find it before. But I've found this link where you can read the same review but about another clinic and doctors...


    Are you trying to ruin biotex image? Why are you doing it? You clearly haven't been to the clinic as you write such nonsense...

  • This is not true... we were at the clinic, and everything was ok. And Jenny Cruz wrote the same comment on facebook. You never need to pay extra for the services. Non sense.... idiot

  • Is this a legitimate review? We plan to go there next month, this information is making us VERY nervous. What was the final on your experience?

  • WOW. I was so taken about to read about your experience of Biotex I had to read it a few times over.

    You really have been through some s*** and no mistaking.

    I assume that a contract was signed either before or when you got there? If you haven't already I would read it through very carefully; it doesn't even sound legal how they have treated you. Going on the fertility journey is bloody hard enough without being right royally messed around by the clinic who should be supporting you; not just ripping you off.

    Though we decided to go to Denmark in the end (we came back yesterday) I think it's really important for anyone thinking of going to Biotex to read your post

    I am totally gobsmacked and am so sorry that you had a terrible experience. Perhaps it's too soon to say, but do you know what you might do next?


  • Huh? was this a fake post? I really hope not x

  • Hi! I wanted to see if someone replies here or not. But I think that the commentary was totally fake as I've found the same one but about the indian clinic on the internet.

    I mean, I've been to the clinic and everything that was written in the commentary is totally wrong. You pay in euro, you do not choose a surrogate mom etc. Everyone can look closely at the contract on their site and it’s clear that the conditions are totally different. I also have never experienced our manager to be rude or to not respond to us while in Kiev.

  • Hi we had experience with both Biotex and ISIDA.

    Did Egg donation. Currently have positive result from ISIDA.

    Both are Ok. I am biased towards ISIDA because we have success there after two unsuccessful attempts with Biotex.

    But both experiences were positive.

  • we did surrogacy at Biotexcom after failed attempt in Greece. every time we traveled, we were met at the airport then brought to the hotel or apartment they provided. everything included in our contract. there was a post about their contracts, so i won't repeat. we signed up for economy package hopefully conceived from the first try with our twins. the only thing that i didn't like is that the clinic was over crowded each time we came. i hope they'll move to a bigger place or maybe already did. we were in 2014-2015

    good luck to everyone ttc


  • if it's still uptodate, we're currently with biotexcom, using egg donor surrogacy. we were so lucky to get bfp from the very first attempt because i know some couples keep trying and trying and no result. we're awaiting twins

  • Many users here talk about this clinic in the Ukraine. I looked through its website. it really seems very cozy and the prices are very reasonable. but unfortunately, they don't approve singles for surrogacy. only for egg donation that doesn't work for me after numerous attempts.

    I hope their legislature will change for milder soon

  • Hi Sharly, how's your procedure going with botex, hope you hv finished it. Can you reply, as we are also doing the procedure . Its already 6 months and we are getting closer to the birth. Plz update about your status.

  • Hi akafandi

    We didn't go to Biotex in the end, we had treatment in Denmark and I am now 29 weeks pregnant on our 2nd attempt :-) so very chuffed.

    I couldn't work out from your message whether you are pregnant or just six months into trying, either way I hope everything works out for you.

  • Hi... I have read through the posts and replies. All I can say is I am glad I went here. :) and ladies congratulations I wish you all beautiful babies. And to those who are like me on the starting line of the journey...let's hold the torch to the finish line and never give up. We want this :)

  • Hi!!! I have been exchanging emails with ISIDA...any new experiences?

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