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Berkshire and Buckinghamshire Support Group - Next meeting 8th December 1pm - 2.30pm


The next Berkshire & Buckinghamshire Support Group meeting will take place on the 8th December between 1pm - 2.30pm in Marlow, Buckinghamshire.

For more information please call Katharine on 01628 487551 or email

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Hello, bit of a long shot as I realise this original post was from 7 years ago! But do you know if this is still running? I would like to find a face to face support group in the berkshire area.

Thank you,


Daisy1245 in reply to KatMyra

I second this, I am also in Berkshire and haven’t seen anything advertised x

HannahTramaseurAdministrator in reply to Daisy1245

Hello we have a volunteer led group in Berkshire -

And a new group in Buckinghamshire

Thank you - if we join that group on facebook will other people see we are a member of it?

HannahTramaseurAdministrator in reply to Daisy1245

A closed group means anyone can find the group and see who’s in it but only members can see posts. Please follow this link for more information on the different privacy settings on Facebook -

Hello Daisy, do let me know if you are doing okay and are making progress. I am here to help if you need some confidential support right now. Best wishes Katharine

Sorry I've only just seen this, thank you, I will check out the Facebook group.

Hi there, I commented on your original post above and have requested to join your closed group on Facebook, but haven't recieved a reply yet... am I allowed to join the group to find out about any meetings please?

Many thanks,


HannahTramaseurAdministrator in reply to KatMyra

Hi I have just accepted you into the group. Its a volunteer led group and volunteers don't check the groups all the time but you are in - please introduce yourself and ask any questions you have. You will see meet ups when they are organised. Thanks, Hannah

Hi I also requested to join this group, but haven't heard back yet. Thanks!

Hello KatMyra, I am so sorry that I missed your message and a recently change of telephone number would not have helped!

So feel free to call me on 07747 630119 and we can chat about what's happening for you and sort out a positive new 2020. Warmest wishes Katharine