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Day 3 or Day 5 of last remaining embryos?

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Hello ladies,

I am on day 5 of my E2 today and have three Day3 embryos frozen which are : Two grade-1 and one grade-2 …. Both are 8 cell

In the middle of the cycle my doctor is suggesting to transfer all 3 on day 3 since I have nothing left as she is saying I will be heartbroken if nothing survives till day 5.

I have had one failed FET and one failed fresh cycle both with day-3 already l. I will be shattered if nothing survives but I have already done throw two failed day 3.

Dont know what to do :-(

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It's a really tricky choice this one. Can you transfer 2 x day 3s and keep one going to see if you can freeze it at day 5?x

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p226 in reply to Millbanks

I will discuss this with my doctor in my next appointment and explore the possibility - thanks Millbanks

Hi p. "Millbanks" has put forward a sensible sugestion, so perhaps ask about that. They will do what is best for you I'm sure. We did lots of Day 3 transfers years ago, and got plenty of babies. Thinking of you. Diane

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p226 in reply to DianeArnold

My only fear is that I have had two day 3 failures and have never done a day 5.. I just need to up my trust in everything

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DianeArnoldPartner in reply to p226

Hi. You do. Your embryologist/specialist wants the best for you too. Diane xx

Have they done any investigation into why your embryos don't make it till day 5? Or are they just assuming they won't make day 5? After multiple failed 3 day transfers, I would kind of want to know if I'm throwing in embryos that at least can make it to blasto.

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p226 in reply to Marisa32

We have never taken them to say 5 so we don’t know… but the thinking is that since there are only 3 remaining and the lining is already getting prepared then why try for day 5, just thaw then and put them in the womb to grow

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p226 in reply to p226

Sorry why not transfer in day 3 and not risk the day 5

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Marisa32 in reply to p226

If you are not looking for any answers, then throwing them all in at day 2, 3 or 5 won't make a difference. I was suggesting that for the next cycle, if this doesn't work out, I would be wanting some investigation and letting them go to day 5 would be a start. Hopefully you won't have to deal with it and one or two of these just stick. Good luck!

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p226 in reply to Marisa32

I am also thinking the same thing.. and that’s why trying to evaluate what will hurt me more.. but I would like to trust that the embryos will make it to day 5 and things will ok

Hi p226. It’s a tough decision because you do want something to transfer.I have done day 3 transfers and day 5 transfers.

Last time we transferred 2 on day 3 just because I wanted to transfer something.

Atm we have 3 day 3 embryos in the lab and we will take them to day 5.

We made this decision because if they don’t make it we will be devastated but if we transfer them and it doesn’t work we will still be devastated but have also had to go through the emotional time of the 2ww.

There’s always the argument though that they are better inside your womb than in the lab but my specialist has told us they will grow just as well in the lab with all the science they know now. But I guess that’s his opinion.

My way of thinking is if they are going to make it they will, whether it’s in your womb or in the lab.

I hope whatever you decide you get your BFP 💕

Hi p226,

I completely agree with some of the comments here. Day 3 transfers are equally as effective as day 5 transfers if the embryo is viable. The problem is that you just don’t know so either way, you need to decide what feels right to you. Day 5 transfers obviously have higher success rates as the embryos are likely to be more viable.

Some ladies here would wait to say 5 so that they will not have to go through the heartache of the 2WW only to get a BFN or worse a miscarriage down the line. Others like me would be heartbroken not to have any embryos to transfer. I am in the camp of trusting in nature over lab conditions although I think our IVF specialists do a great job of replicating what happens naturally.

I have had both a day 5 and day 3 transfer and my day 3 transfer which I insisted on against my doctor’s advice, worked. I had a total of 4 embryos on day 3, transferred 2, and 2 were left to carry on until day 5. To my surprise 1 of them made it to day 5.

Whatever you decide will be a risk either way but you just have to believe it is right in your heart regardless of the outcome. I hope it goes well for you xxx

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p226 in reply to JoyfulStar

Hi JoyfulStar.. that is such a sensible advise.. I have been thinking hard since 3/4 days and the only thing that is consistent is the trust in the fate and what I am able to deal with…

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