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Time off for transfer?

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My FET transfer will be next week (day being confirmed today after my lining check scan). Unfortunately the timing just hasn't aligned as I'm off this week on leave but back at work next week. I work from home in a corporate job, but I don't think I can manage any time off other than to sneak out for the transfer.

I'm getting worried now that not having any time out will hurt my chances.... Has anyone else just got back to normal life striaght after transfer and had success? Being at home I think will be a lot easier as won't need to commute etc and husband can help with things but won't do anything for the stress etc!

Hopefully it'll all be ok.

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Hi lovely, I think if you are lucky enough to be able to work from home then it’s a good idea. Not sure if this is your first FET but the 2ww to find out if it’s worked can be mentally hard so anything to distract is a good idea. I worked from home after my transfer and got a positive at the end. Everyone will feel different as long as you are not heavy lifting and over doing things I think go for it. All the best for the transfer xx

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Thanks so much! That is so true. The distraction will be needed. This will be my 3rd FET this year so hoping it's 3rd time lucky for us. Not looking forward to the 2ww this time but will stay as positive as possible. Thank for sharing your experience - will definitely work from home and not over extend myself xx

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Jonesy84 in reply to IVFmumma

No worries ! I have everything crossed for you lovely xx

I normally work in the City - continuing to work from home but my job is stressful and long hours. For my first fresh transfer I took half the day of transfer off (well I hid and pretended to be on video calls) then straight back. Second I had two weeks off and sat on my bottom at home. Both implanted well and progressed but sadly ended in chemicals.

This FET I was taking work calls as I went into the clinic, begging someone else to deal with a client for a couple of hours, then up and straight back to it. Haven't really stopped since. I sound horrible but I blame my colleagues and clients :) I don't think it makes any difference for me and women get pregnant in famines, wars... The only thing is maybe if you're very anxious about it, or if it doesn't work out whether you'll feel guilty, it may not be worth it for your mental health, so you could call in sick or say you have a medical procedure which may need a day or so to recover and you may need to dip in and out of work, could someone be on hand to cover (if that's possible), or maybe your work has an IVF policy? Or just hide.

Best of luck 🍀

Ah I'm sorry to hear about your colleagues and clients not being flexible. That really sucks. I'll try and get some time off - even half a day like you say. I am also good at hiding so maybe some fake meetings will be going in...! Thanks for your tips and experiences. Hopefully this FET for you is a success too - good luck xx

The clinic does encourage that you return to normal as soon as possible, just no heavy lifting etc. Moving about also increases blood flow to the uterus and helps implantation.

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Thank you - yes so true and important to keep moving for that blood flow! X

I had my transfer on Monday and went back to work on Tuesday. Like Lawnie said, they do advise you get back to normal and keep moving. I think it probably depends on the individual aswell. Wishing you luck xx

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Ah good luck to you too! Good to know you went back day after like I will be. Hope you've managed a relatively relaxed week. Good luck for your 2ww sending all the luck xx

I have never had time off for transfer, I work from home too and sneaked out for transfer but that was it. You are supposed to carry on as usual no matter how weird that feels and how much you want to lie on your back with your legs in the air(!) so I wouldn't worry! Good luck x

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IVFmumma in reply to Daisy1245

Thanks so much for sharing! That makes me feel good. I'll just carry on and try not to obsess 😅 x

Hi,after my first FET I didn't rest, I'm looking after my daughter she is disable so taking her to toilet and doing all her work by my self but sadly I got BFN,I tried my second transfer after 5 months and got BFP, same routine up and down all day ,carrying my daughter,don't stress.

So for me have a rest whenever you can,good luck lovely 😍 💓

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IVFmumma in reply to ashalez

Thank you for sharing! Good advice - I'll try and just take it as it comes and not worry :) thanks again 🥰

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ashalez in reply to IVFmumma

Keep happy 😊 good luck 💕💕

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