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Advice needed - Almost at the end of the road 😢

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Hello Everyone,

I am 42 and have been TTC for 5 years. I have had 3 miscarriages all conceived naturally and then moved on to IVF last year as stopped falling pregnant by myself. I have had 2 BFNs from fresh cycles and 1 BFN from a FET in the last year. We now have 1 frozen embryo left. My problem is my lining. It refuses to thicken. Have been on 10 mg of Fematab and still have struggled to get it to 6 mm. Last fresh transfer was done at 5.8 mm 😞

My Dr suggested doing an ERA cycle before we move to next FET. That has just had to be cancelled today on day 21 of cycle as we could only get lining to 5 mm after been on 3 weeks of 10 mg of Fematab.

I don't know what to do next in order to get my lining to an acceptable level (7mm) in order to do my very last transfer.

Any advice much appreciated x

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Have you thought about doing a hysterectopy to check uterus and may be look into implantation cuts ? I hear you and wish you the best on your coming try !! Baby dust 🌺

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Karney1 in reply to Loulaaa

Thank you Loulaaa. I think I am going Loalaa with all of this too 😂Yes, have had 2 hysteroscopys and nothing ever found. I have never had implantation cuts though.

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Loulaaa in reply to Karney1

Where did you have them ? I’m here referring to abroad clinic ( Greece for instance ) where I saw lot of ladies saying that it is different from nhs one : they were able to find things to remove and with the implantation cuts some ladies got successful - just a thought .I’m in the same boat myself , can’t give real life experience yet ( waiting to heal from a lap to see it any help )

Good luck !

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Karney1 in reply to Loulaaa

Each one was done by a private consultant. I am in Ireland and unfortunately we have no government funded IVF. Its all private clinics and self funded. But saying that.... Something could still have been missed!

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Loulaaa in reply to Karney1

Indeed .I would still suggest to have the cuts or scratch’s as suggested below .

Wish you good luck !

I heard maybe Brazilian nuts works... you can have 2 daily! Don’t take more than 2-3 Have you tried acupuncture?

Mine is very thin but I got pregnant.. though miscarried but I don’t think lining is as important!!

have you tried pippelle/endometrial scratch? They say 50/50 chance but worked wonders for us after failed transfer both times. Good luck with next transfer

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Thanks Reewills1. Can I ask if you did the scratch the cycle just before your FET?

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Correct, you have to tell your clinic you would like to do the scratch and they sync the scratch a few weeks before transfer. Timing is key. Note it does sting for a minute so have pain killers and hour before and it also can be costly but worth every penny in my opinion.

Hey, sorry to hear of your nightmare issues with your lining. I too had my struggles getting my lining to my clinics thickness so will give you my tips for what worked for me. I used to take my estradiol in tablet form (8mg per day progynova) and also patches (100) which I changed every second day which was changed to wearing 2 patches on day 8. high dose vit E from Superdrug (2x800iu) per day and high dose vit D (2000) per day. I also started raspberry leaf tea....sounds ridiculous but I'm sure this what helped the most (Heath & Heather), drank 2 cups a day minimum (cold or hot) and also took raspberry leaf tablets (natures aid). The raspberry leaf tea helped my lining but adding the tablets in morning and night was a game changer and made a good difference. I was 42 when we did our last transfer and it was successful but we we were using donor eggs. Best of luck.xx

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Karney1 in reply to Cinderella5

Thanks Cinderella5. Can I ask how many weeks it took to get lining right for your DE transfer?

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Cinderella5 in reply to Karney1

Of course....I used to start meds on day 2 of my period (no down regulation first) then take estradiol for 18 days and start progesterone for 6 days - I had an ERA done and we discovered in needed an extra 24hours of progesterone and a higher dose....double check your levels before transfer if you can or in your ERA cycle as it's important they are high enough.xx

Hi Karney, in addition you could also try castor oil packs on the abdomen, increases blood flow to the area and can help with lining issues. Also vaginal steaming, sounds weird but it can really help with any period issues, pain, irregularities and lining issues. Just so you know you've thrown everything at it!

Try s neupogen wash and viagra

Hello, in the book 'It starts with the egg' they suggest to take 6grams of L Arginine and 600mg of Vit E, as well as Ubiquinol 200-400mg to thicken the lining. Acupuncture is also useful for it, usually once a week and then twice on day of transfer (before and after it). Good luck!

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