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Frozen eggs or one last Cycle?

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Hello 😊

So six months ago we did our 4th and last Ivf cycle which did not work. I. Promised myself that would have been our last attemt.

I got a call from our local Nhs today asking if I wished to do one last cycle or if If I wanted to use the 13 frozen Ocytes I have frozen. The doctor is saying he will increase the medicine for our last go if we did decide to proceed.

So here I am thorn between not wanting to go through the hearthaced again but still hoping even tough very little hope a newx Ivf cycle could be succesful?

Any thoughts? Anyone used frozen eggs and was succesful 🙄?

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Definitely should try again, you are too young to give up. But did u do some more tests after that failed transfer with PGS tested embryos? How serious if your hubby’s male factor issues? I think more investigations might need before to start the new cycles. Definitely should try a bit more after the investigations.

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Lorita1984 in reply to SCHNOW

We have done all tests under the sun. All. Looks good. Hubby sperm improved and Dna Fragmentation test was good too

The doctors have no answer. Maybe its my crappy eggs? So ofraid to do it again but my hearth says do it one last time

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SCHNOW in reply to Lorita1984

If it is PGS tested the egg quality shouldn’t be too bad. Did u do the ERA test for implementation window? Maybe you have different timing?

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Lorita1984 in reply to SCHNOW

Era test done too.... All good. Maybe it was bad luck. Maybe 5 th one is my lucky one

Try again!

Did you put back the mosaic too? (Mosaic working for me). Or only the PGS normal? How old were you when you froze your eggs? Maybe do one last cycle and fertilize both your fresh collection and your frozen together? You don't have to be ready to do transfers to do a last collection...

Agree with SCHNOW that you are still young-ish and in with a chance. NHS wouldn't be suggesting moving forward if they didn't agree. NHS are notorious for having strict criteria and excluding women who go on to be successful privately.

Best of luck - no regrets! (If you are asking the question likely you aren't really ready to be done in your head.)


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Lorita1984 in reply to Jumpppy

Mosaic embryo is still frozen.... We had done Ivf in czech republic privately and due to the pandemic we did not get the chance to travel again. ERA Done too... Receptive. The only thing we did not do was imunology testing.

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SCHNOW in reply to Lorita1984

NK cells, if you haven’t done it. It is also on my multiple ivf failure and recurrent miscarriage checklist.

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