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Frozen transfer advice

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Hi everyone, I am hoping to request to start my first frozen cycle next week when AF arrives, had our appointment last year with the embryologist to sign paperwork etc and he said to ring the month we would like to start (I know we might not get accepted first time) however I am a nurse and looking after covid patients so want to book some time off around the transfer, haven’t told my boss and keeping things private this time. Can anyone give me a rough timeline of a Natural fet cycle? I was told I have a scan then a period then transfer around ovulation?

Thanks in advance x

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Hi Minnie, I've not had a natural FET before but a medicated is about a 4 - 5 weeks from beginning of drugs to test day. Normally you'd start drugs on the first day of your cycle, then a scan a week or so later. Once the lining is thick enough you start your progesterone and 5 or 6 days later have the transfer. My clinic only gives 10 days before test day (not the 2ww that everyone talks about). So I would imagine that if you doing a natural FET it would be in line with your 4 week cycle. Hope this helps a little bit. Good luck! xx

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Minnie92 in reply to Millbanks

Hi Millbanks, thanks so much for your reply. The clinic said last year to try a natural cycle and if not successful to try a medicated cycle as I didn’t respond well during my fresh transfer 2 years ago. Wishing you luck in your journey xxx

Following as I will be doing my first natural FET in February. I’ve been trying to work out when transfer day will be so I can organise work meetings. How many days after ovulation is transfer?

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Minnie92 in reply to Octopus56

How exciting! Have you already contacted your clinic? Do you have a baseline scan then a period then start or just start straight away?

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Octopus56 in reply to Minnie92

Hi Minnie92, I’ve just switched from NHS to private so I’m able to do a Natural FET. I’ve been monitoring my cycle with a home kit this month. I’ve got scan and blood test next week. If all is looking good, I think I will be asked to monitor at home again next month and call when I get my surge. Then I will go for transfer. I will find out more details next week. Good luck with your treatment. 🤞

Hiya, I've just done a natural FET cycle, as I have a 25/26 day cycle normally I started using ovulation test kits on day 8, when I got my 'surge' or peak fertility (I was using clear blue so the smiley face!) on the evening of day 12 I phoned the clinic, went for a scan the following day to check for lining thickness and that there was a dominant follicle, then transfer was 5 days after I detected the surge. Hope this helps ☺️ good luck xx

Hi PurplePiggie. Thanks so much for your reply! So when you called the clinic to request treatment to transfer how many weeks was that, I’m just wondering if you have 1 period or 2 before transfer if that makes sense? Xx

Hiya, I had a freeze all cycle in November, egg collection on the 23rd, then had a withdrawal bleed and had to wait for my next natural cycle which was slightly delayed then had FET on 22nd Jan, so it was about 2 months in total, just under 9 weeks. Hope that helps 😊 xx

But if your phoning on day 1 of your cycle it should only take a couple of weeks xx

Hiya, I'm doing a natural FET. Clinics can vary with the way they track your cycle. With me I called in on the first day of my period, booked in scans for cd 12 and 14. I am used to tracking ovulation so started on cd 11, went for scan on cd 12. Everything looked good so was asked to track ovulation until I get LH surge both morning and evening. I used to only track my morning urnine using clear blue advanced. Luckily by cd 13 evening I got my surge so it taught me something new. The clinic then assume you ovulate the next day (day after peak) and asked me to start progesterone pessaries 5 days before transfer. Transfer is booked for 6 days after LH surge. So it is quite straightforward and aligned with your normal cycle. I found it stress free and nice being unmedicated aside the cyclogest which has affected me more this cycle. Good luck xx

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Minnie92 in reply to Masief

Hi Masief thanks for your reply. Hope you’re feeling ok after your transfer 🤞🏼 That sounds similar to my clinic I have a scan after the first period. Did you get accepted first time you rang ? I was told that we might not get accepted in January as that’s the clinics busiest month (they close for deep clean in December) so I’m hoping we are accepted first time xx

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Masief in reply to Minnie92

I took a long break and contacted my clinic in November to finalise details (natural vs medicated). I had my nurse consultation in late Nov and they expected me to contact them at end Dec/early Jan. I think had I got in touch in Jan for the transfer that would have been too late. I'm trying to keep calm and sane at the moment, def the most relaxed I've been as I usually go stratight to work. Hope you have your transfer soon, good luck xxx

I had a natural FET in November. I rang the hospital on the first day of my period and they told me to ring back on my peak surge day and the transfer was 6 days later. I asked to have pessaries but was told they weren't needed. I did get them and was told to start them in the evening of transfer day. Had no scans or pessaries etc before transfer

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Minnie92 in reply to Sw1234

Thanks for your reply, it’s interesting how different clinics operate. At my appointment last year I was told I would have one period, then a scan then another period then a transfer so I’m just confused how long it will take but I guess I’ll find out when I ring! Hope you’re ok x

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Octopus56 in reply to Sw1234

Do some clinic allow you take no pessaries? I suffer really badly with side effects from all the drugs including the cyclogest. I want to ask my new clinic if I can pass on the pessaries. They make me feel like I’m losing my mind.

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Sw1234 in reply to Octopus56

I was told I wouldn't need any pessaries during my natural FET

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