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Progynova side effects


Hi all,

I’m day 8 of second FET round. First round I noticed I was struggling to concentrate (soap on toothbrush type scenario!), massive mood swings and generally feeling quite down. When i stopped taking the Progynova cause the round didn’t work a few days later I felt like a huge cloud had been lifted and felt like me again. I’m now back on the Progynova and I feel horrendous, not physically but mentally just awful.

I’ve done the obligatory google everything related to HRT/Estrogen etc but just wondering if anyone else experienced this? What other options are there instead of progynova? (I may ask for a natural round should this one not work. I feel SO bad I can’t see how this round will work when it’s taking such a toll on me mentally).

Thank you and hope you’re all doing well wherever you are in your journey today x

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I’m sorry to hear your feeling this way. I’m on Progynova too for a frozen round and I can relate to how your feeling. I’ve been quite grumpy, negative and weepy at times but it’s not a constant feeling and I can occasionally snap out of it. It’s worth talking to your consultant about it. Fingers crossed 🤞 for you xxx

Sakura88 in reply to Lovemylion

Thank you! The clinic said no one reports being particularly happy on it and I seem to have levelled off now (thankfully!!) Hope your treatment is going well! 🤞🏼 xx

Lovemylion in reply to Sakura88

Hope yours is too xxx 🤞

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