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Just when I was starting to enjoy the thought of a wee bundle of the joy....10 week 2 day scan. The dreaded words... no heartbeat


Broken 😔

Hugs to anyone feeling this exact pain right now.

Worst yet 😭

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Oh lovely I’m so so sorry. Thinking of you ❤️

So sorry to hear this, it’s so unfair. Thinking of you and sending hugs xx


I am so so sorry heart breaking xx

So so sorry to read this. Absolutely gutted for you 😔 sending huge big virtual hugs. So unfair 💞xxx

No 🥺 I am so hugely sorry for your loss. Thinking of you xxx

I’m so sorry for your loss ☹️ I feel very sad for you, it’s not fair.

Oh, I am so so sorry. Sending you hugs xxx

😭 I'm so sorry my darling. I feel your pain right now. I wish it was different for you. Life is so unfair and cruel, you dont deserve this. Sending you so much love, PM me if you want to talk. Having just gone through it, I burst into tears reading this as I was so hoping it would be a different story for you. Xxx 💗💗💔💔

Oh no, I’m so sorry lovely. So so sorry. This process is just so cruel at times.

Sending you hugs. xx

Oh hun, I'm so sorry to hear your heartbreaking news. So incredibly devastated for you 😢 This journey is not fair at all. Sending you love and hugs xxx

I am terribly sorry to hear this. We are all with you in thought and spirit at this difficult time. Lots of love xxx

I'm so so sorry to hear this. It's heartbreaking, sending you lots of hugs xx

I am so so so so sorry xxx

Oh darling I’m so so sorry. I wish I had the words to make it better, sending you a enormous hug. Look after yourself xxxx

I'm so sorry. That's almost exactly when I lost mine, and words can't describe how you must be feeling. Thinking of you x

Oh god no 🦏 I’m so sorry. My heart just sank. I don’t even know what to say so I’ll just say here for you even from afar and virtually. Sending so much love and strength and courage your way. I’m so so so sorry my love. Breathe ok?

I’m so so sorry for your loss 💔sending you lots of hugs xxx

I’m so so sorry!! It’s so cruel!! Thinking of you xxx

I’m so sorry 😢xx

Oh RhinoCat I'm so so sorry honey!!😪 No words can help you right now but thinking of you!! Sending lots of love.xxxx

Devastating. I am so sorry😭

So sorry to hear this. Sending you lots of hugs right now ❤️❤️❤️ Xxx

So sorry, there are no words 💔 virtual hugs xx

My heart just sunk for you. I am so so sorry. You poor thing, I hope you're getting plenty of cuddles and tlc. You will be fine, buy for now take all the help and support you need. xxx

So sorry to hear this. Sending lots of love. Look after yourself xxx

No way! So sorry to hear this. Just so sad and not fair at all💓

I'm so so sorry xxx

I don't even know what to say RhinoCat. There are so many days when all of this just... just makes me SO angry. Genuinely furious. Nobody deserves these moments of life just being blown apart . Of hope being crushed and sending people back to the beginning. And yet so many people on here suffer these blows, sometimes time and again. It's cruel and heartbreaking and just makes no sense. I desperately wanted a good outcome for you 💔 So so sorry xx

Oh god, my love. Noo. This is absolutely the worst news. My heart breaks. I am so unbelievably sorry. I'm here if you want to talk. Sending all the love I can possibly find. Lots and lots of love and thinking of you right now. Don't want I can say but I'm here to support you. xxxxxxxxx ❤️❤️❤️❤️

I’ve been there, I can feel your pain. I am so sorry to read this. It will get better with time but right now it’s a big shock and so heartbreaking 💔 if you want to talk pm me. Lots of love

I am really sorry to hear this happened! I just don’t know what to say other than I am sending you a huge hug and take the time you need to heal xxx

No words will take away your pain. I am so sorry to be reading this. Take some time to rest. 💗💗❤️❤️ xxxx

Oh rhinocat I'm so sorry 💔 my heart breaks for you. Sending you strength xxx

Devastating, so sorry. Big hugs xxx

Oh no, I'm so sorry. So sorry you're going through this. It's so unfair and cruel. Please look after yourself, we're all here if you need anything, huge huge hugs xxx

No. 😭 I’m so so so sorry to read this post. I hope you have lots of support through this devastating time. Xxx sending love 💕💕💕

So so sorry to hear this. There are no words. Sending lots of love xx

I am so so sorry to hear this. Sending lots of love xxxx

So sorry to read this. Sending hugs xxxx

Oh lovely. I’m so so so sorry to hear this. I’m thinking of you and sending all the love. Just devastating news xx

So sorry for your loss! It is so heartbreaking and cruel 😢

Sending you loads of love and hugs. Xx

RhinoCat I’m so so sorry to be reading this. Thinking of you and sending lots of love xxx 😢💕

Oh I'm so so sorry Rhinocat. Sending you massive virtual hugs. This journey is so tough 😭🥺❤️

I am so sorry lovely. big big hugs. we are all here to support you in anyway we can xx

So so sorry for your loss. 💔

So sorry, this pregnancy was not meant to be. Just take time to get over this xx.

I'm so sorry to hear this. Thinking of you xx

I’m so sorry for your loss. Sending hugs ☹️❤️ xx

So very sorry Rhinocat. Sending you the tightest hug sweet lady...x

So sorry to read this. Sending big hugs. Take care xx

Literally heartbroken to read this. Sending you a very big hug lovely x

So terribly sorry to read this, it’s just tragic news, sending you so much love xx

Am so very sorry to read this. I have been in your position at the 12 week scan so I know how bloody devastating this is.

Thinking of you 😘

So sorry. It's the worst words to hear. Take lots of care of yourself xxx

I'm so so sorry xxxx sending love

I am so sorry, devastated for you, I know no words can help right now but I just wanted you to know I am sending you love and thinking of you 😘 why does this shit have to be so cruel xxx

I’m so sorry to read this! I’m sorry for your loss! xx

Oh my god!! I’m speechless, really my heart is broken for you. 😢❤️

So sorry for your loss RhinoCat - thinking of you 💕

I'm so so sorry to read about your loss. The most dreaded and horrible words for a pregnant women. Sometimes these words are more difficult to digest and to understand but we're all here for you. I know the next few days you will feel like everything has stopped and nothing atm will be making sense for you but do take care of yourself in this most difficult time. Thinking of you and sending you lots of love xxx

I am really sorry but I have had two previous loses and baby died at 3 months. I wonder why did the baby stick if this is going to happen. Worst days of my life and I can’t never forget but stay strong and all will be well ❤️

So sorry to read this hun! It's just cruel and so unfair for anyone to experience this pain. Sending you all the love and strength you need to get through this awful time. ❤️❤️

This is heartbreaking. Thinking of you right now x

I’m so sorry RhinoCat this is devastating, heartbroken for you xxx

I am so sorry!

I saw this and my heart sank. I'm so so sorry for you. Words can do nothing to express. Look after yourself and look after each other. Xx

I'm so very sorry 😞. Xxxxx

I’m so so sorry to hear this. Sending you lots of love & hugs - be gentle with yourself for as long as you need xxx

Sending all my love. This is just the cruelest thing to go through. It won’t feel like it now but you will make it through this even stronger.

So sorry to hear this dear. You are in my prayers. x

So sorry to see this 😔 so unfair. Sending love to you 💕xxx

Oh no, this is truly terrible news 😢 I’m so sorry for your loss. Many of us have also heard those dreaded words and you never forget how awful it feels. Please take good care of yourself. Sending lots of love 💕 xx

So so sorry to hear you are going through this, utterly heartbreaking! I went through this in June at 9w2d and it’s devastating. If you need to talk I’m here xx

So sorry for your loss 😕 sending big hugs x

So sorry to hear this. Its the worst. But you are not alone and this doesn't mean the end for you. You can try again and one of your tries will work. Take heart. This is not the end of your journey but an awful pause on the way to success xx

I’m so so sorry to hear this.

I wish I could hug you right now.

If you need anything please feel free to message me anytime.

I’m so sorry Rhinocat💛

Oh RhinoCat, I’m so so sorry to hear this. It is the absolute worst, especially after everything you’ve been through to get there. Sending so many hugs your way. DM me if you’d like to chat xx

Oh no I’m so sorry to hear that 😢 sending you all my love 💔 xx

So sorry sending you love xxxxx

This is heartbroken news... 😢I have no wise words for you but just want to let you know that we are here to support you. I am sending my love and huge hug! Be strong ❤️

Ohhh nooo...I'm so sorry xxx

Just so unfair... I'm so so sorry xxxx

I'm so sorry....how utterly awful. There are no words ....huge hugs and love❤️❤️

I’m so sorry. My worst nightmare. Sending you so much love. x

I’m so sorry to hear this :( massive love and hugs to you x

I’m so very sorry. My heart breaks for you and I am sending you the biggest hugs. xxx

I’m so so sorry 💔💔

I’m so very sorry I can’t imagine what a awful shock hearing this must’ve been. The closest I’ve had was a chemical pregnancy 3 years ago but I knew deep down I’d lost the baby when I had the scan, whereas you’ve had no reason to suspect anything was wrong which is so much worse. I can’t believe how cruel life can be. Again so sorry xxx

So sorry to hear this! I went through the same experience a month ago. If you wish to chat, please pm me. X

I’m so sorry my heart literally sank reading this hope there are no words to make you feel better I’m sorry you have to go through this xxx

I am so so sorry to read this, seems so unfair after all the pain of infertility. Sending you a massive virtual hug xxx

Rhino it’s really heart breaking and heaps of hugs for you and may Allah bless you twins next time and you will be happy mum, if lord is giving you pain He will for sure give you reward too and He is merciful, I will remember you in my prayers, just 2 years ago I faced the same and I was v broken but remember God love’s us and He will forsure help us, love you for being so brave xxx

I’m so sorry xxx

Sorry to hear this. Sending hugs and love ♥️🤗

Oh I’m so sorry about this.. so heartbreaking 😔 sending hugs Xxx

Sorry for your loss 💔

I’m so sorry. ❤️❤️❤️❤️

This is the cruellest of tortures. I’m so sorry my dear rhinocat, there are no words 💔

Oh so sorry. How awful. Look after yourself x

I’m so sorry to read this. 😔

I'm so sorry Rhino cat no words can help you right now but we can feel your piano more or less we all are in same boat 😒look after your self

Sending you big hugs

I’m so sorry to hear! Truly heartbreaking. Thinking of you xx

Oh I’m so sorry to see this, heartbroken for you, so so unfair 😔💕 I’m so sorry for your loss xxx

Sorry to read this! Thinking of you xx

Such a devastating time. I had been watching the posts in the hope that this would be your time. So sorry that this has happened. Lots of hugs being sent your way x x x

Oh my heart completely breaks for you. I’m so so sorry to hear this. Take your time to process and use your support network to lean on. Sending you lots of love and hugs xxxx

This is such a cruel blow. Life is so unfair at times. Sending my heartfelt apologies. Take your time to grieve and surround yourself with loved ones xxx

So sorry for this bad news, As far as there is life there is still hope for you. Much love from me and I will always put you in my prayers.

Oh no RhinoCat I’m so so sorry. I’ve only just seen this. I’m heartbroken for you 💔. I know there’s probably nothing I can say that will make you feel better at this shitty time. But just know you are not alone. Thinking of you. Sending love & hugs ❤️xxxx

Hi RhinoCat,

You poor soul.💔We have got you here.Reach out for our virtual hugs.🤗



huge hugs to you xxxx

Oh RhinoCat, we have never spoken but I was so happy for u weeks ago. Now I am in tears. I’m not sure if knowing that at least 112 people you may have met or not are heart broken for you helps a bit, but I hope it does. Your energy and soul have been great for me, I joined this group about 2 months ago. I hope u are able to take the time to mourn and know that your rainbow baby will still come x

Bless your sweet heart. Yes it really helps to know that every person who has commented offers support . It’s so so hard but having lovely people who walk the same road with you makes it possible to keep going.

Right now I feel like I’ve just sat down in the road in the middle of a big bush of thorns filled with wasps. My heart stings but I know that this too will pass. Life is hard, ivf is the hardest .

Thank you for your message , it helped my tears come. Sometimes my emotions get locked and I needed this wee cry to get me going . Still no sign of miscarriage , but I’ve a re scan tomorrow at the epu. My husband can’t come in because of covid . I just have to tell myself , there are people needing support in hospital more than me and hopefully one nurse will be kind . I’m just hoping they can allow surgery as I don’t have enough puff left to endure weeks of tablets followed by surgery anyway . If I could just get to the other side of the mountain I’d be ok.

Brace brace for now .

Hope you have a great day 💐

You will get to the other side of the mountain. The fact that u have visualised a road shows how unconsciously u will be ready to walk on ahead. Not having your husband in the hospital is truly crap... damn covid.. don’t let your emotions get locked and cry into a nurse’s arms if u need to. I hope you get a quick surgery too. My best friend just went through a v similar loss and the whole process took a week from the scan to the surgery through private health xx

So sorry lovely RhinoCat 💔 cant imagine how you must be feeling xxx

Hi Rhinocat, it's taken me 4 days to actually read your post because I saw the title and couldn't cope with it - I'm so sorry for you. It's the cruelest thing possible, to go through all of that to find no heartbeat. I think the only thing you can do is try to think that it's for a reason, but I can't imagine what you are feeling right now. Sending lots of love and strength and the hope that at the very least, you know that IVF works for you. xxx

So sorry RhinoCat, this is crushing. Sending lots of love to you xx