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About to start short protocol IVF


Hey fertility warriors! I have just gotten my period today and I will be going in for my baseline scan and startung injections for my short protocol IVF in the next few days. I'm nervous and excited at the same time. Just wanted to see if there was anyone else also just about to start IVF? Anyone have any advice if you've been through it before?

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By the sounds of it we are starting around the same time, i went in for my scan (day 2) yesterday and did my 1st injection last night!

This is my second round as did the long protocol last year so I'm glad this one is a lot shorter and have less injections too, im going back in on Monday for another scan (day 6). Also had to do covid test yest so fingers crossed that comes back negative.

Did your clinic say anything about self isolating at this stage?

Good luck and let me know how you get on! ☺️ X

Rachel-1992 in reply to Rose2700

HI Rose. Yeah we are on similar timescales, I have my baseline scan today! So sorry your first time didn't work, but good that they've tweaked your protocol for your second cycle. Fingers crossed for you! It is good that it's shorter, less time to have to worry and stress!

My clinic have said we can self isolate if we want to but basically they're not forcing us to. My partner will still be going in to work but luckily I work from home, and I'm just going to limit how much I go out and where a mask whenever I go out in public, just to minimise my risk. Have your clinic recommended self isolating?

Rose2700 in reply to Rachel-1992

Hi, hope your scan goes well today!

Thank you 😊! Yes fingers crossed we have a better result than last time!

Thats pretty much the same as us, i will be working from home but partner will be going out to work, the clinic didn't say anything until yesterday the nurse said i should be self isolating from now and the doctor just said well kind of so i think they aren't too fussed but it’s obviously recommended. Think i will do the same as you.

Obviously i did a different protocol last time but the injection stage i didn't find to be too bad at all so hopefully you will be the same.

Let me know how you get on and if you have any questions or anything i may be able to help with 😊


I just did a short protocol with successful egg collection yesterday. We started me on 300 iu Menopur on the very first day of my cycle, and continued for seven days. We did Fyremadel on day 4 through 7, then Ovitrelle trigger shot at 8:30pm on day 8, with egg collection morning of day 10. Now waiting to see on fertilization.

Everyone is different, but I feel that I was helped by trying to get as much rest and sleep as I could, and I also made sure to drink whole milk every day, ate a lot of fruit including berries and figs, and also salmon and avocado and an egg every day. I also really liked the Mindful IVF app (the one with little green cartoon brain characters for the graphics). I had really bad mood swings, but I tried to just let it go once they were over. These things happen to some.

Best of luck! xx

Rachel-1992 in reply to Hidden

Thank you for your tips. I'll look into the mindful IVF app, as I've seen it mentioned a few times now. I'm planning on doing some yoga classes over zoom a couple of times a week, as that's helped me relax in the past. Will also try and eat really healthy!

How did you find the injections? I'm a bit nervous as I've never injected myself before.

Wishing you all the luck in the world for the fertilisation! Let's hope you have lots of good quality embryos in a few days! 🤞😊

Hidden in reply to Rachel-1992

Thank you! The injections were all mostly a breeze except for the trigger shot, which was long to inject and hurt a bit. I got the Menopur injected in the belly fat and the Fyremadel in the thigh, which hurt a bit more. I would wince a little at first, but nothing major. HOWEVER, I'm over in France, and here you can have a nurse come to your home each evening to give the injection for you. It's free if you have the social health insurance, or costs €10 per visit if you don't. So, I never had to inject myself or have my husband do it, which certainly reduced the stress! I hope it all goes well for you! 🤞😊

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