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Frozen embryos transfer

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Today is my pregnancy test day. It was negative and I still have no bleeding. I have sore breasts and lower back pain.

Is there anyone have that experience before?

Many thanks,

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Hi, I gave in today, 7dpt and got a negative test.

I have no real symptoms, nothing unusual for what I would usually feel before by period is due so if you have sore breasts and lower back pain and no period there is certanly some hope there. I don't want to be delusional about the whole thing, but this process is so hard as it is, the most we can do is keep hope right up until we are told to not have any.

Hang in there, and try a test again first thing tomorrow if you still are the same.

Wishing you lots of luck x

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Fuchia20 in reply to LisaBeatrix1980

I am late 3 days for my period. I have no symptoms at all like your experience.

I definitely do another test tomorrow morning.

My frozen embryos was blastocyst and not good grade so I have two put back in on 22 June.

Thank you so much for your sharing encouragement. That is what we all want.

How about your situation?

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LisaBeatrix1980 in reply to Fuchia20

If you are 3 days late I'd still be hopeful, keep hope and try again tomorrow like you said. I am the same as you, 2 low grade blastocysts put back in on the 26th. My period is due this weekend and official test date is next Tuesday.

I partly wish I hadn't tested but I know that this news wouldn't be great whenever i got it.


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Fuchia20 in reply to LisaBeatrix1980

Hi Lisa, I am thinking about you today. The clinic told me yesterday 9/ 10 cases will test negative in this situation.

I do have hope but need to be realistic.

Is this your 1st cycle?

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I’m so sorry you got a negative lovely. Are you on medication? I usually bleed about 3 days after stopping meds xx

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Fuchia20 in reply to Solly-44

Hi Solly, I am still taking medicines. I don't really know what is going on inside my body. I suppose to retest after 2 days but I will do again tomorrow .

I still have hope.

How is your situation?

Thanks a lot for your support

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Solly-44 in reply to Fuchia20

Does your clinic do a blood test? How many days past transfer are you?

Wishing you lots of luck for your retest x

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Fuchia20 in reply to Solly-44

Hi Solly, I don't think my clinic do blood test.

Can I ask why you stopped the medication?

My clinic said if I have a negative result tomorrow, I should stop taking medicines as they stop the bleeding.

Today is my 12th post embryos transfer

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Hi you probably wouldn’t bleed until all the meds are stopped. Call your clinic and ask what the next steps are xx I am really sorry keep your chin up xx

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I called them this morning.

I will retest after 2 days.

My breasts are so tender and sore.

This is my first cycle so I am still new to everything.

Thanks kc21.

How about yours?

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