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*sensitive*Omg I'm pregnant!!


Guys I can't believe it I'm pregnant I have caught natrually! Xx

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Amazing news Eram12! A huge congrats! ❤️❤️

Eram12 in reply to LMC2020

Thanks xx

This is amazing Eram!!!! Congrats!xx

Eram12 in reply to KiboXX

KiboXX I'm so scared though! Xx

KiboXX in reply to Eram12

Of course, it’s only natural but you’re pregnant! Focus on that for now 😘Xxx

Eram12 in reply to KiboXX

Thankyou its crazy because I was at work today popped in to get covid test before I go back as I had not been in since miscarriage. And the nurse seen to me who got pregnant with IVF and she was saying we should of transfered 2 etc.. she showed me her baby pics.. baby soo cute. i come home took a test as I was getting faint lines this morning from cheap tests twice...so thought sod it I will use clear blue and bang I got clear blue positive! 🥰 Xxx

KiboXX in reply to Eram12

They do say your extra fertile for a few months after a miscarriage. So happy and excited for you!!xx

Amazing news!! :) congrats hun! Xx

Congratulations to you, that’s amazing x

Congratulations this is a lockdown miracle woow xxx

Ahhhhh this is amazing!! So happy for you, and have everything crossed for you 😘 xx

Absolutely delighted for you huge congratulations 🥳 all the best with your pregnancy xxx

Eram12 in reply to jess1981

Thankyou ❤️

Congratulations 🥳 so delighted for you xx

Congratulations 🥳! What lovely news xxx

Omg !!!!!! So happy for you ❤️

WOAHHHHH what?! Super congratulations!!! xx

Eram12 in reply to ttcemmie

I know I'm soooo shocked!! Thankyou ❤️ xx

Ah congratulations!! Xx

Big congrats and amazing news! Xx

Fantastic news. Congratulations xxx

Wow! That is soooo awesome! Congrats 🥳

Oh wow 😱 you so deserve this!!! What a really lovely surprise. Fingers crossed for you xx 🤞

Eram12 in reply to LizzieBW

Thank you fingers crossed 🤞xx


Wow congrats xx

Amazing news love! So lucky!! All the best 💕

Eram12 in reply to Buisquits

Thanks 🥰

Wow! What a wonderful surprise, congratulations xx

Wonderful news! Xx

This is amazing.... congratulations 😘😘💕💙

Wonderful things will come out of this craziness. Congratulations.

Lovely news congratulations 🌈 xx

Wow congrats all the best fingers crossed for you

Aww congratulations, pray your pregnancy goes well xx

That’s really wonderful news xx

Congrats that's amazing news xxx


Awww fabulous news!! So pleased for you!!🤗🤗xx

That’s such lovely news! A huge congratulations 🥰 it’s meant to be! Look after yourself xxx

That's amazing news congratulations

Wow what a surprise! I wish you all the best for your pregnancy 😙

Congrats 😍🥳🥳🥳

Congratulations honey x

Congratulations!! Xx

Awwwww, I am so happy for you . May it be a healthy pregnancy

Wonderful. Congratulations 🥳🎉

Congratulations xx

Congratulations!! 🎉🥳

Congratulations brilliant news!! Enjoy every minute of it!

Wow amazing. That's brilliant. Congratulations! Xx

Thats great news!

Great news congratulations. Xox

Oh wow the best surprise! Congratulations xxx

Amazing news 👌🏼👌🏼👌🏼♥️♥️♥️

Congratulations! Fantastic news xxx



Oh Eram - I’ve literally just followed you and I’m so pleased to read this. Huge congrats x

Eram12 in reply to KDA0510

Awww thankyou ❤️

Massive congratulations 🥳 xx

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