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No period after Norethisterone treatment


Hello all! I was asked to take Norethisterone for 10 days, 3 times a day to induce my period ( I stopped the contraceptive pill last June and haven’t had my period since ). I was told a bleeding would occur but all I got was some light pink spotting and then dark spotting but definitely not a heavy bleeding/period. As we are in lockdown, I cannot go to a clinic. I was wondering if this treatment didn’t work for some women? By nature, I’m a worrier so I’m trying not to worry. I called my GP who did say that it happens that it doesn’t work for some women. Should I do the treatment again though? I have another box I could use for another 10 days. Any advice gals! Would actually like to get a Period this century haha

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Strange I was offered that medication to reduce bleeding didn’t know it could start bleeding

Hi Angelique. I had norethisterone before my ivf cycle same as you 3 times a day 10 days. I read alot about it back then and some ladies get their period straight after the 10th day. Others need an additional week. I got it after 3 days stopping taking them so somewhere in between. How long has it been you stopped the meds? Maybe af is still underway x

Oh I stopped it 12 days ago and had light spotting on day 5 for 2 days so I think a period for me just didn’t happen unfortunately .

Did your clinic not say to stop the pills once you saw blood? Maybe that caused it x

Hello! I be taken it many times before my IVF and the first few times the bleed was so light. I too haven’t had a period since coming off the pill but would count the light spotting as a bleed. Hope that helps! X

That does help! Makes me feel better haha I was expecting a heavy bleed but I guess the contraceptive pill just messes your body up completely... interesting that you haven't had your period either. Would you recommend me trying this Norethisterone again in a month? xxx

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