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Still very faints after otd, does progesterone block my bleeding?


Hi all. Today 14dp5dt and im getting the faintest lines. I posted before that my lines are getting lighter after approximately 10dp5dt.

Since i still dint have a period i was wondering if it is my progesterone 3 times a day that is stopping my period to come.

I know i need to keep repeating it in a few days but im just so gutted as my clinic doesnt provide me with blood test.

Any advice is welcome x

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The best way to find out is through a blood test. Is there no way they can give you one?

Mimisami in reply to Snow345

Just went in and asked for a blood test and they said they dont do it.

I usually do the blood test privately and pay for it... the agony of waiting is just too much. I check the internet for private blood test clinics in my area

Thats maybe a good idea. How many times did u go back?

I’ve been 3 times


Hi Mimisami. if you are still getting any kind of a positive "line", then it might be an idea to pay for a Beta hCG blood test so you know for definite what is going on. Progesterone can prevent bleeding from happening, but I wouldn't stop any prescribed medication until you have been instructed to d so. Thinking of you. Diane

Mimisami in reply to DianeArnold

Thank you Diane. I was wondering if there are any chains in the uk that do these tests frequently. I heard people talk abt private scans too. Or do i go to a private hospital (im greater manchester area) sorry just dont know where to start the search xx

DianeArnoldAdministrator in reply to Mimisami

Hi Your GP can tell you who can help privately. Diane

Mimisami in reply to DianeArnold

Thank you very much Diane!! X

Hi Mimi

So sorry to read of your struggles 😔

I'm not sure regarding the prostegene, I would have thought it would hold things off. I would say call the clinic for advice, they don't seem to be very helpful though and I'm really sorry .

As Diane said still continue your meds as you did get a positive line.

I sent you a message regarding getting a private blood test, as not sure I'm allowed to include links here


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