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4DP5DT - No symptoms, any hope?


Me again 🤦🏻‍♀️

So i’m 4DP5DT and i have 0 symptoms. I mean it - none. Ive read so many posts where women have said ‘i didnt have any symptoms really other than ....’ every story i read the woman had cramps. I literally have nothing, unless i squeeze my boobs soooooooo hard then they’re sore - they’re going to be though, because i squeeze them hard 🤦🏻‍♀️

My OTD isnt until 16th. Are there any women out there who truely had no symptoms and still got BFP? I’m losing hope 😔

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Hey don’t worry I am at the same stage as you but 6dp3dt and in truth it’s waaaay too early to have symptoms. HCG for an average pregnancy wouldn’t be high enough yet. I have kept a diary of all my rounds to date and there is literally no correlation between any symptoms and BFPs or BFNs. It means nothing. So keep channeling PMA and all will be well 🤞🏻 good luck xx

Sunshine92 in reply to Daisy1245

I sobbed and sobbed last night. Convinced i’d destroyed the perfect embryo that had thrived in its artificial environment but couldnt possibly survive in the home i’d made for it 😔

This journey is so tough! x

Daisy1245 in reply to Sunshine92

Believe me it doesn’t get any easier. Every day I compare my non symptoms with my diary for my other three rounds and get absolutely nothing from it as there is no correlation but I am desperate for ‘ a sign’ - my mood is so up and down and it just feels like forever when it’s a day 2 or 3 transfer - just resigning myself there is nothing I can do. I normally get AF early if it fails so whilst OTD is next Sunday I would probably know Thursday if it hasn’t worked which cruelly is my birthday! Try and keep calm we can’t influence any of it except positive thinking xx

Hi Sunshine92,

I have read that lots of times on here BFP's after no symptoms.🙂

Keep going....I am right with you.🤗



I dint get symptoms till I was 8 weeks gone. Then hit me like a brick. Horrendous morning sickness xxx

Sunshine92 in reply to Mazzath1

Oh really? No cramps or bloating or anything? I ironically feel less bloated now (on progesterone and very constipated) than i am normally 🤦🏻‍♀️😫 xx

Hi Sunshine,

I had symptoms for the first 3 days then zero.

You really can't call it. I've had two positive tests, 1 had loads of cramping and symptoms and the other zero after three days. Keep yourself busy and be kind to yourself. Hang in there. We all understand and know how hard it is. Try not to test early as that can cause unnecessary anxiety and worry. Stay strong. You've got this xxx

Ive had nothing at all, just cramping after each pessary - i know thats just the progesterone working its way into my system then after thats all done i feel fine again.

Been out all day today which has helped. I’m sure i’ll have a cry this evening 😢

Thank you for replying xx

Hope is still there! You're still in very early days. xxx

Stop squeezing your boobs until they hurt! Not sure how helpful that is! Lol. 😂

Sunshine92 in reply to ttcemmie

I agree it isnt! 🙈 im desperate for a sign of any kind! Maybe there is no sign because there is nothing 😔 with mothers day coming up too exactly a week after OTD im just dreading it xx

ttcemmie in reply to Sunshine92

I'm also dreading mothers' day 🙁

Hello I have abit of cramps and when I was pregnant in September I had lots of symptoms. Am testing the same day as you. I hope we get out bfp fingers crossed ❤️

My best friend had no symptoms she told me just before i started this round and she has a healthy lil boy. Dont lose hope it could be your time xx

I had NO symptoms until

Day before OTD when I had a very mild dizzy feeling. Good luck x

Sunshine92 in reply to Bungleboo

No sore boobs or cramping or anything?

Ive had a real down day today, im just convinced i’m out! xx

Bungleboo in reply to Sunshine92

No, nothing! The “symptoms” lots of ladies feel can just be side effects of the progesterone . I don’t think you can read anything into symptoms/no symptoms. The 2ww drives you crazy.....

My first (failed) IVF I had cramps, sore boobs and nausea. Second time had nothing apart from the dizziness I mentioned and got my BFP...32 weeks today!! x

Sunshine92 in reply to Bungleboo

Congratulations!! ❤️

You have given me hope xx

Sunshine - I didn’t have any symptoms throughout. I got a BFP and didn’t believe I was pregnant until viability scan. Still didn’t believe it because of no symptoms so had to have another scan at 9 weeks to dbl check.

Nearly 20 weeks now. There’s no point in looking out for symptoms or comparing with what other people are going through because everyone is so different. Definitely what I learnt! It’s not in our control anymore!

Good luck!


Sunshine92 in reply to Cook7786

Oh my goodness, really!? Congrats on making it to 20weeks!

Thank you so much for sharing your story! You have made my very dark day a little lighter 🙂 xx

Hey I’m 3DP5DT,

I can’t say they are symptoms as such as I think with all the drugs that are still in my system it could be a combination.

I’ve had very sore boobs, tired, hungry and a few twinge cramps. But I can honestly say that all these I had when I’d had my ET so I really don’t know.

If you think of the lucky women that aren’t trying to be pregnant, they wouldn’t be getting any symptoms would they? They would just be carrying on with their everyday lives.

Hi Sunshine92 - wondering what your results were? I'm driving myself crazy at 4dp5dt with ZERO symptoms. Other than I bawled at the ending of a book I just finished this morning 😅But I probably would have cried anyway. I also keep squeezing my boobs hoping it hurts... The things we put ourselves through! xx

HollyT7 in reply to SQZ1981

Hey! Sunshine got her bfp!! 😊😊I also had zero symptoms with mine to start with, hang in there!!! ❤️💙

Sunshine92 in reply to SQZ1981

Yes! I got a BFP and almost 18 weeks pregnant now. I have had 0 symptoms throughout the 2WW and my pregnancy so far. The odd bit of constipation here and there for a few days but honestly, had I not have had IVF i’s be none the wiser to what was going on.

Dont lose hope!! Good luck ☺️☀️ xx

SQZ1981 in reply to Sunshine92

Thank you SO MUCH for the update! That really does give me hope. And congratulations!! You are almost halfway there now- amazing. I hope the rest of the pregnancy is smooth sailing for you. Cheers!! ❤️

Kelz2020 in reply to SQZ1981

Me also with no symptoms and even now at 14 weeks I’m still pretty much symptomless. Stay positive and please don’t test early wait it out... xx

SQZ1981 in reply to Kelz2020

Yay!! Congrats to you as well! I love hearing these positive outcomes- they are keeping me afloat 🤗I hope the rest of your pregnancy is enjoyable and easy-breezy. xx

I am 4dp5dt with no symptoms as well:( I am very worry and scared as we transferred 2 blastocysts this time and one of them is aledy hatched.

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