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Two embryos transfer experience


Ladies , I did a transfer for two frozen embryos, and I feel scared because I didn’t think about what would the pregnancy be like Incase both of the embryos implant ?

Anyone has any experience or knows someone’s experience.

I heard most of the ppl have their babies early with lung problems and stuff, it got me really worried.

Share everything please I need to make sure some ppl had a good experience atleast, most of the info online is like horror stories ☹️.

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I'm a twin myself. We arrived 3 days before the due date, my brother weighed 6lb 1 and I weighed 5lb 9 - my poor mother!! We were totally fine except for a touch of jaundice which is really common anyway. There are undeniably risks to multiples but it's not necessarily the case.

I had 2 embryos transferred and a blood test on day 14 showed hcg levels over 4300. We thought they'd both stuck and we were bricking it a bit about how we'd afford twins but on the scan there was only one and we were quite relieved.

Good luck, whichever way it goes you'll manage xxx

Thank you for sharing your experience ❣️❣️❣️


Hi LilSylver. Well, I'm sure you will be well looked after, should both embies turn into a twin pregnancy. I've delivered many healthy twins in my time, with a few needing some support for a little while. It's amazing how soon they catch up though. Don't listen to the negative tales - more are positive ones. Good luck! Diane

They say sometimes you get high blood pressure , diabetes and so much more.

I swear I started searching how to disimplant a 2nd embryo Incase of twins 🤣

I know sounds crazy but that’s how terrified they got me.

One question: did any have their twins on the 40th week or like they always say; usually premature kids?

Hey LilSylver,

There is no point in panicking now, just concentrate on at least one of them implanting instead of looking for things to worry about. There will always be something to worry about in pregnancy, but everything is more or less out of our control.


LilSylver in reply to Cook7786

True true

Cook7786 in reply to LilSylver

And remember - if you get high blood pressure it will be monitored closely, if you get gestational diabetes this is easily controlled, and many many babies are born prematurely with no concerns or issues.

You’ve got this.


Hi LilSylver. Can understand your concern. There are risks with twins (although there are risks with pregnancy generally!). I'm a twin myself and know a lot of twins (my parents somehow attracted families with twins) and one of the positives seems to be that you (mum) are monitored more closely! My sister and I are were almost 5 weeks early (one of our fave stories - emergency c section because I was kicking her in the head because she was in the way of the exit)! And we are both perfectly healthy. Being prem is definitely a risk of being a twin, but there are risks for singles too.... it's a difficult one. The risk would worry me too, but I'm sure you would do everything you can to protect twinnies as you would with just the one. If they're born healthy or not, unfortunately, is not totally in your hands. Don't know if this was reassuring or not?! xxxxxxxxxx

LilSylver in reply to ttcemmie

Your kicking your sister story had me laughing 😃made my day honestly .

You are kind of assuring me that it would turn out find eventually.

Thank you so much for sharing your experience.

ttcemmie in reply to LilSylver

I'm glad. Amazingly, she's the smarter one of us twins (with a PhD!), despite me trying to give her brain damage before we were even born! She probably could have solved world hunger or something if I'd let her have the extra 5 weeks! 😁😛🤣 Stupidly, I was the one more in distress! She was just lying there chilling whilst I was freaking out that I couldn't get out of a nice comfy womb! Oh, she also hadn't fully developed her lungs, which I think is a common problem, but they put her in an incubator for a week or two and I guess that just sorted itself out? (Medicine from 30-odd years ago will have been a lot more lax than it is today).

LilSylver in reply to ttcemmie

Looool 🤣🤣 am sure you are as smart as her, you just haven’t found your field of specialty. I don’t blame you for panicking , you were the one in the back you know what am saying 🤣 she can see the exit but you couldn’t !

I really hope you both a wonderful life , are you identical twins though ?

ttcemmie in reply to LilSylver

I'm doing okay! I'm a chartered accountant (it's not much of a conversation-starter, but it requires some education). We are not identical twins, unfortunately, but just as close. 😊😊😊 Hope everything goes well for you too. xxxxx

L400ynd in reply to ttcemmie

I love this story!!! It really made me laugh. Kicking your sister in the head and she still ended up with a phd. 😂😂. Certainly shows being a prem twin doesn’t hold you back. 2 extremely successful women. I would be very proud if I was your mum. Well done to her!! Xxx

ttcemmie in reply to LilSylver

Hope one or both of your embabies implant. xxxxx

I'm almost 19 weeks with twins, we transferred two and both took. My doctors assured me that if they felt my babies were coming too early they would start giving me steroid shots for the babies lungs to develop more rapidly and avoid that problem. It's scary, but I trust all professionals taking care of us!

CLDxxx in reply to cab0813

Hey Hun. Congratulations on your pregnancy 🥰

Can I ask - did the embryos they put back have similar grades? Xx

cab0813 in reply to CLDxxx

Thank you! Yes, they we very similar if not exact.

CLDxxx in reply to cab0813

Ah ok thanks lovely. I’m considering two also so was just wondering if it’s better to put in similar grades ☺️xx

Hi there

I had two embryos transferred and had twins.

I did get gestational diabetes and cholestasis in my pregnancy but it was all well managed.

My twins were born at 36+2 and I had a steroid injection in advance to help lung development. My twins weighed 6’11 and 6’7 and were completely healthy and have no health issues since.

It is obviously harder with twins (pregnancy and with the babies) but it is also one of the most amazing experiences. I couldn’t imagine my life any other way now!!

Good luck with whatever you choose to do.


LilSylver in reply to Kloulou83

Thank you for telling me the things you went through with, it must have been hard, but am sure your lil bundles of joy are worth it.

Hoping for the best to both of us.

Thank you 💖

CLDxxx in reply to Kloulou83

Hi Kloulou,

Congratulations on your twins 🥰

When you had your embryos transferred, were they similar grades? Xx

Kloulou83 in reply to CLDxxx

Hi there

Thank you 😘

Yes, my clinic do the grading slightly differently but one was a B+ and one was a B. We also had another FET last year as the twins are about to turn 2 and we are now pregnant with a singleton baby and that embryo was also grade B. Xx

CLDxxx in reply to Kloulou83

Ah fab thank you. I have a 4BB & 3BB but also have a day 3 they will thaw & try and get to blastocyst but I was wondering whether to leave that one frozen and use both the BB’s as I won’t know what the day 3 will be 😩

Oh that’s so amazing! Congratulations to you again! 😘xxx

Kloulou83 in reply to CLDxxx

I would be tempted to leave your day 3 frozen as a back up and use your other two. Will you transfer them both?

Our clinic always use the better quality embryos first, so our best two were transferred first time fresh which resulted in the twins and then we had a frozen one thawed for this round. We do have a C+ still in the freezer which is the lowest grade blastocyst that our clinic would freeze. They also don’t freeze any embryos that don’t progress to blastocyst.

We have been so incredibly lucky. It was our third round but that was still a drop in the ocean compared to what some people have to go through.

Wishing you lots and lots of luck. Xx

CLDxxx in reply to Kloulou83

When I had my first transfer recently with one blastocyst, the plan was to thaw the day 3 to see where that got to and if it wasn’t any good they’d use my best grade which was 4AB but they missed the instruction 😤 and used the 4AB anyway and it failed 😏

So it’s a bit frustrating not knowing where I’m at and if I was using one I’d ask them to thaw it and see but I’m looking at using two this time so think it’s best to leave it frozen as you say and use my BBs.

Thank you so much for your help. Wishing you a happy pregnancy 💕xxx

Kloulou83 in reply to CLDxxx

I wouldn’t worry too much about grading. Those BB’s could be really strong, so try not to be disheartened about the AB failing. We had two transferred on our first cycle (although I’m not sure what grade they were) and it failed. Yet this cycle all of the embryos we transferred have taken amazingly.

You could always transfer one of your BBS and the day 3 if you wanted to keep a BB as back up? Then I guess worst case scenario is you would only have one to transfer if the day 3 didn’t progress.

Either way I genuinely hope it works out for you. Xx

CLDxxx in reply to Kloulou83

Yes, true. I have read really hopeful stories on here about BBs!

I guess as they don’t thaw the blastocysts until the morning, I could see how my day 3 goes and decide the day before maybe.

Lots to think about and I have my review Monday so hopefully will have a plan ☺️

Thanks so much for your time - I’m sure it’s very limited 🙈 so I do appreciate it xxx

Kloulou83 in reply to CLDxxx

Oh gosh, don’t be silly. I only really keep an eye on this forum to help or give any advice I can based on my experience. It’s such a hard situation to be in and I understand that I’m one of the ‘lucky ones’. If you ever have questions I would be more than happy to help 😘 xx

CLDxxx in reply to Kloulou83

Thank you. I’m sure I will have more to ask after Monday 🙈😘xxx

Last question ladies ?

When do you know how many embryos implanted .

L400ynd in reply to LilSylver

My sister had 2 transferred and both implanted. She knew after her 6 week scan. Unfortunately by her 12 week scan there was only one remaining, which is my amazingly beautiful niece who is now 9 months old. I don’t know if you would know before your scan if both took. Xxx

I know a few girls who have had twins. Everything was fine! Don’t worry.

Yes you will be closely monitored and as always there are horror stories. You wouldn’t leave the house if you thought of everything that could wrong, not even just in pregnancy.

Try and relax. All your dreams could well be coming true. Relax and enjoy it my lovely. Xxxxx

Hi ya I had 2 frozen embryos transferred after having 3 failed fresh cycles. I currently have 15 week old b/g twins. I had zero issues in my pregnancy. I was induced at 38+1, they were both by emergency c section and they weighed 7lb8.5 and 6lb3.5. They cudnt b more perfect so my advice is stay of the Internet lol and good luck xx

I think there are so many hurdles to get through and so many other worries that you should try not to worry about things you don’t need to until you need to.

If you were lucky enough to get pregnant with twins you should see it as a blessing and I am sure you would have the best care. It isn’t guaranteed though so don’t panic about it until you need to

I had a double transfer - BFN, a triple transfer - BFP one baby but MMC at 9 1/2 weeks, another triple transfer - BFN and just done another double transfer.

Like I say I am sure you will be successful but maybe panic when you know you need to? Rather than all this worrying now. Hugs xx

Hi there, I’m currently 30 weeks pregnant with twin girls and see it as a huge blessing.

Physically the first 2 trimester have been pretty easy! No morning sickness or any other physical issues. Mentally it’s been quite difficult but I thinks that’s due to previous losses and I would’ve felt that way whether it was one or two babies I was carrying! We did have a worrying time a few weeks back re twin 2’s growth chart and blood flow, however, they now think they took inaccurate measurements as all is great now. The good thing about twins has been all the extra care and scans I’ve had. It’s been so reassuring. We had a scan this week and the consultant said they were both growing beautifully and there’s no reason we shouldn’t go to 37 weeks.

I’m not going to lie, the last couple of weeks have been a bit exhausting and uncomfortable just due to the size and weight of my bump, but given Ive had it pretty easy up until now I can’t complain!

I wish you all the very best of luck, it’s in the lap of the gods now.... ❤️


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