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Help with oestrogen patches


Hello. I am preparing for my first FET and I am on patches rather than tablets. Please can anyone who has experience with them give me some tips. I applied the first one yesterday evening and its already peeling off. Its meant to stay on for three days but I think I'm going to have to change this one already.

Thanks in advance xx

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I've had patches and tablets the last few cycles. Do you use moisturiser or anything before you put them on? Where are you putting them on your body? I usually put mine on my hip, veering towards my buttock. Mine are usually so stuck on that they're hard to pull off.xx

Mystic9 in reply to Cinderella5

No I haven't used anything on my skin, it was clean and dry. I put it on the side of my buttock and it initially stuck, but now a big patch in the middle has come unstuck. I'd say about 60% of it is still stuck on to the skin. Not sure whether I should replace it already even though its not even been 24 hours. X

I had the same problem with patches . I ended up using a clear dressing over the top of patch otherwise I had to keep changing them. I got it from amazon.

Mystic9 in reply to Sazzysah

I think I will try those because it has come off completely now. What were they called? Thanks x

Sazzysah in reply to Mystic9

Search amazon for waterproof wound dressing it’s on a roll you cut to size.

Sazzysah in reply to Sazzysah

I couldn’t find the one I ordered but they have others which are probably the same. I would have sent pic but I don’t think you can post photos.

Mystic9 in reply to Sazzysah

I have ordered something that looks similar. I've put my new patch on the top of my thigh so I'll see how it goes.


I used something called tegaderm over the patches they are used to stick things to the skin with anyway I found they were great. Also I used alcohol swabs to clean any oil from the skin before putting the patches on. Best wishes


I’ve started with both the tablets and patches. I always stick the patches between my belly and womb area. I alternate between the right, centre and left sides, when apply the patches I always stick them on and apply force to them for about a minute after so they have the best chance of sticking which they do and actually are quite hard to remove! Which I refer rather then then not sticking and peeling off!

I hope this helps xx

Mystic9 in reply to 1988M

Thank you, I definitely wasn't putting pressure on it for long enough.

Good luck x

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