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Does acupuncture help with FET?


Hi ladies, I am having my first FET tomorrow and wondering if I should go for acupuncture before and after the transfer as recommended by my acupuncturist? My husband thinks it is ridiculous to spend 140 quid on acupuncture on the transfer day. I would like to know whether any of you got BFPs without acupuncture on the day of transfer. Thanks, all!

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I’m certainly no expert because I didn’t end up having acupuncture at all (chickened our), but I did have a very long consultation!

The guy said that while they would recommend it, sometimes it’s more trouble than it’s worth. In my case I’d have had a bit of a rubbish journey to get to him, then back across London for my transfer, then repeat. He said the stress would likely outweigh the benefits so it’s not always necessary xx

Dreambaby in reply to Solly-44

Thanks for your feedback! Xx

Littlepeax in reply to Solly-44

Exactly the same! Mine was a little far and it stressed me out alot more :(

Hiya, have you been having acupuncture in the lead up to your transfer? If not I have read that there is little it can do for you to just have it on the day, but if you have been doing regularly then my acupuncturist would highly advise it, but we were lucky as she was only 10 mins away and she only charged 40 total, as was only half hour before and after. I wish I could say whether it helped towards a BFP But we still have a week until test day 😫

Whatever you decide lots of luck with your transfer xx

Thanks! It is great you have an acupuncturist who is nearby. Wishing you lots of baby dust!!! Xx

I did acupuncture in the weeks leading up to, day of and day after FTE and it was negative. I enjoyed the experience but made no difference to me. Best of luck with what ever you decide x

Dreambaby in reply to Frankie31

Thanks for your feedback. I am sorry to hear about your experience. Hope you get your bfp soon! Xx

I had it done prior to and during EC. Following EC I had a freeze all. For my first FET I did accupuncture on the day of transfer, both before and after the transfer. I found it stressful going back and forth between appointments, this cycle ended in a bfn. For my second fet I did not have accupuncture, I felt it was becoming a chore, even though it can be relaxing. On my day of transfer all I literally did was have the transfer and thats because I found I was really nervous and it was mentally exhausting! My second fet resulted in a bfp. So who knows but it is not an exact science, that is for sure!

Dreambaby in reply to Trying1234

Thanks for sharing your experience with me. Congratulations!!! Wish you a healthy pregnancy!!! X

Trying1234 in reply to Dreambaby

Thanks very much, wishing you the best of luck too xxx

Dreambaby in reply to Trying1234

Thanks! Xxx

My acupuncturist recommends having it the day before transfer and then straight after transfer. Still paying for 2 sessions in a row, but less stressful than having to go twice in one day. I did this for my last transfer and I got a BFP, but unfortunately miscarried. Really can’t say if the acupuncture had much input to the BFP, but I think I’ll do it again for my next FET. If anything it made me feel more relaxed after. Good luck xx

Dreambaby in reply to Lavender96

Thanks!!! Lots of baby dust to you!!! X

I'm not sure tbh but I have been having acupuncture for the last 5 weeks weekly to support my ivf so I am definitely going to have my session before and after FET, I don't want to have any regrets.

I've had acupuncture in the past for other reasons and my body is really susceptible so it was a no brainer do me to do it support this too. Good luck 🤞 x

Dreambaby in reply to MiskyB

Thanks!!! Wish you lots of baby dust!!!

I didn't have it for my fresh transfer and got a bfp but then had a chemical, I had it the day before my frostie and got a bfp. For me it was mental, I felt like I was doing something to help and I felt so relaxed when I came out xx

Dreambaby in reply to HollyT7

Thanks! Congratulations! Wishing you a healthy pregnancy!! Xx

HollyT7 in reply to Dreambaby

Thank you, good luck with your fet!! Xxx

Dreambaby in reply to HollyT7

Thanks! Xxx

Accupuncture is nice to do if you believe in its benefits, it is convenient and is affordable. I have done it for a long time as a treat for myself for my general wellbeing (and helped me being more positive in the IVF outcome).

I have read academic articles, looking to find the miracle answers: acupuncture, diet, etc.

Acupuncture will not secure a BFP, otherwise all women with fertility issues will do accupucture and this forum will no longer exist. We would all be pregnant. 😁

Do whatever you feel right for you, I wish you good luck!

Dreambaby in reply to TravelNow

Thanks for your insights and good vibes!!! Wish you lots of luck as well! X

Personally, I think it was great. I works well for anyone with lining issues and although I didn’t have any, I did forget to take the increased dose but still had a nice thick lining thank goodness! A friend of mine went to the same acupuncturist as me after a cancelled FET previously, 2nd time round was looking like the same might happen but following an appointment at the acupuncturist her lining was good to go. So I definitely think there was something that the acupuncture did for both of us. She specialises in fertility too so gave me the time to answer any questions in general about IVF that I had forgotten to ask at the clinic. Good luck! Xx

Dreambaby in reply to staaa88

Thanks for your response. Wish you lots of good luck! Xxx

Hi Dreambaby. Congratulations on your coming transfer!

I’m an acupuncturist who specializes in infertility. There is a standard protocol for certain points used before, and after transfer. It’s based on a study that was done where women received treatment 25 minutes before, and then after transfer. In this study there was something like a thirty percent increase in success rates among the population of women who received the treatment. This was the same study that first got the acupuncture/fertility ball rolling decades ago.

Consider that treatment in the study was done just before and after the transfers. When my patients choose to use this protocol I meet them at the clinic and do the treatment there in a room on the floor with the procedure room. If you’re having to travel to and from your acupuncturists office that adds a level of disruption and time to the equation. The protocol probably makes a difference under these circumstances but it’s hard to say.

I think relaxation plays an important role just prior to and following transfer. If your acupuncturist won’t make it to the clinic, an option would be to hire a massage therapist to give you 20 minute massages before and after transfer. I would go so far as to suggest gentle massage of the lower abdomen and uterus before the procedure. You would need to contact your clinic to clear getting an exam room where all of this could be done.

Good luck!

Thanks so much for your professional advice and good vibes. Much appreciated!!!

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