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Any advice to get through Christmas?

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So sorry everyone for such a late and long post. I am just looking on some advice on how to get through the festive season with regards to diet?

I had a failed ICSI round back in July. I cannot believe how quickly the time has passed since, however the heartache still feels like yesterday. I had low AMH levels and only 2 eggs collected to which neither fertilised. My consultant mentioned a low ovarian reserve and told me that AMH levels do not change, but I have been determined to do certain things to at least help.

I have been taking DHEA, ubiquinol COQ10, vit d, vit e, omega 3, vitamin b, zinc magnesium citrate and obvs. folic acid since the end of Aug, after having a little break. I am scheduled to start treatment again mid Jan 2020 for a second (and final funded) ICSI cycle. I am so scared that all my hard work will be undone just trying to enjoy christmas and the next few weeks. I have been so conscious of my diet and eating veggies, mainly in homemade soup, organic and free from products but now I am worried about the upcoming festivities.

I have also switched to natural products. Shampoo, conditioner, make up remover, wash powder, hand soap and washing up liquid. The only thing that I just can't change on my skin is my deodrant and make up products. I just feel like I am trying SO hard but the constant stress and worry is just going to ruin all my chances.

Also being on all of these supplements, I have had no signs or symptoms and any changes so is this a good thing or not? I just can't tell if I am doing all the right things. It is so hard and I am being so hard on myself, especially after another pregnancy announcement by someone I know today. 😔😔😔😔

Any advice would be greatly received. Really trying not to stress and worry but I just can't help it.

Plus no sooner does Christmas end than my birthday looms in Feb where I turn 35, which scares me even more coz of my increasing age. 😔😔😔😔 It is a never ending, vicious worry.

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I haven’t tried any of the additional things you’ve mentioned and I alter between just folic on it’s own and then pre pregnancy multi vitamin thing.

I’m ready for FET in January and had a meeting with consultant who said to behave myself and be the driver over Christmas. I plan to just keep eating healthy with as much protein as I want but at the same time I’ll have some mulled wine and odd glass of wine.

The way I see it if an idea sounds too crackers to me I don’t follow it and if I think about something and feel I’ll blame ‘that’ thing if it doesn’t work out, then I don’t eat it or do it.

You are the only person who knows how you feel . Don’t stress yourself putting pressure to do what others feel right for them. Chose your own path that allows you to stay positive and remain relaxed.

I’m 38, heading to 39. So you’ve three years on me 🤣

Just walk your own path , try not to sweat the age thing . I wish I’d started the whole baby thing 5 years ago , but I hadn’t met my husband and to be honest wasn’t really ready to think about it until now. So I guess the way I look at it is ‘it is what it is’. You can’t go back, you can only go forward.

Wishing you joy over Christmas and the best of luck for the new year. 😘


You’ve just wrote my post except I’ve just had my 3rd round and looking to do a FET in the new year. I really want to relax and enjoy Christmas but worried I will undo all my hard work over the last year. This time of year I dwell on the fact that’s another year gone and still no further forward and my birthday is February too (38) so I worry I’m another year older and it’s just gonna get harder. I have been thinking about this festive period and all it’s parties and if I don’t drink everyone with think why is she not drinking is she pregnant and I don’t want any questions. So I’m going to stick to my diet as much as possible and try to be good with the drink, be the designated driver, maybe alternate what events I have a drink at but when I do I’ll take it easy (1 or 2)

I’ve never had FET but still conscious that if that doesn’t work I’ll need my egg quality to be top notch so I’d say If you’re going in for a fresh cycle in January and looking to keep your egg quality up I would try and stay as good as possible. You’ll kick yourself otherwise. Not sure about you but I feel guilty whenever I drink now so I’d rather not bother. Then next Christmas when you have your little one you pop open that champagne and enjoy a guilt free glass of loveliness 😉🥂

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The best advice I ever got was just before my third round off the clinical director at Care, a man called Charles. He said stress, alcohol and diet change have very little effect on the success of IVF. It’s more about being sensible. But to try and enjoy life at the same time. I decided to relax and go with the flow, stop stressing my OH and sticking to the recommended alcohol limits etc but allowing myself the odd glass on round 3. It’s the only time I’ve ever had a BFP and am now 36 weeks.

My advice would be keep up your supplements but enjoy Christmas and your birthday and let your hair down (within reason 😉). And be kind to yourself. Xx


Hi hun, I totally understand we all wanted to increase our chances and do the right thing, follow your heart and instinct but stressing about it over Xmas will not help. Try to enjoy this time, you have already made so many changes (well done on reducing chemicals!) If you still take your supplements and enjoy Xmas veggies you will be fine! 💪😀😘

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Honestly, I’d have to agree with CAS2, I had 4 failed attempts, I stuck to everything I was told and more, I gave up everything that was unhealthy, I was over weight at the time and the consultant I did have was a bit of a shit to be honest, told me that I would unlikely get pregnant being overweight, happy to take my money for each attempt previous though and only told me that as I was contemplating changing clinic’s. So I did change clinic’s, went a little bit extreme and went abroad , ate like a pig, refused to deprive myself of anything, I don’t drink anyway, so that wasn’t a factor for me, but that month was amazing, put on about half a stone, enjoyed every part of it and was successful, I have a little boy now. In my opinion it was my attitude change that was the most significant for me, not my diet, I developed a “fu*k it” and “what will be, will be” attitude and just started to relax. Easier said than done I know. I have to note though that once I got pregnant, I turned into a complete health freak, as I didn’t want it to affect the baby!!!

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We try to do everything perfect but my dr told me not to have any drastic changes such as dieting etc just to be sensible. I also seen Charles kingsland at care x


I’m feeling exactly the same. I’ve given up as many chemicals as possible, replaced all my cleaning products, perfume, deodorant, moisturiser, shower gels etc etc. Also got rid of plastic in the kitchen. The only thing I’ve not changed is make up, it’s just so expensive!!

I’m also trying to follow a really strict PCOS diet that is no sugar, no dairy, no gluten etc, no nothing really. Very restrictive!Also taking loads of supplements.

I’m dreading Christmas, all the lovely food and alcohol that really I shouldn’t be touching but realistically I know I will. You have to live don’t you. I almost feel angry that other people don’t even have to consider all this, they can just enjoy it with no thought. It’s just not fair is it.

My plan is to enjoy the main events so Xmas parties, Xmas day and Boxing Day etc and just be as good as possible all the rest of the time. Keep on with supplements and exercise and just do my best until January. I plan to start another FET in January.

I do have to say though like loads of other women last FET I relaxed a bit. Drank a little and wasn’t as strict with food and it worked and I got my first BFP. It ended in a chemical but still first even BFP and I was living mostly as normal so who the hell knows!

I say be as good as you can but don’t beat yourself up if you have a drink or two and enjoy some food. You bloody deserve it!!! Xx


Don’t be too hard on yourself... I think have a treat over the break, and look after yourself and your own well-being as your health and happiness is important in the whole process x


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