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Should I transfer one or two embryos?


I thought I had made up my mind to put one back but can’t keep thinking should I put two?

I got a BFP on my first fresh cycle with one embryo however miscarried at 12 weeks.

Since then I’ve transferred two (twice) and a BFN.

So now unsure what to do, I have 4 in the freezer: 2 B’s, 1 C and day 6 grade A

Do I stick with one as that’s what worked in the past or put two in to give me a higher chance.

Although my consultant said it would be only give me a 10% increase with two.

Any help would be appreciated ... I am 37 using my own eggs x

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I would transfer 2. It’s a small increase in chance but still and increase. Good luck x

Leigh2244 in reply to Emmaxxx

Thanks Emma x

I’ve heard that transferring 2 of different grades is not a good idea and is more likely to result in a BFN.

I’m 24 weeks pregnant with a day 6 so I would advocate for that one. Good luck

Leigh2244 in reply to HopeTTC18

Thanks hope for the message. Good luck with your pregnancy x

I personally would transfer 1, similarly to you my first cycle transferred 1 and mmc next 2 cycles I transferred 2 and both BFN. I then went on to cycle 4 and transferred 1 got a BFP but sadly another mmc and cycle 5 transferred 1 again and now have a nearly 7 month old little boy. Lots of luck x

Leigh2244 in reply to E_05

Thanks so much for replying, also you’ve given me hope with it being my 5th attempt too. I am going to go with one and hopefully it will work this time. And if it doesn’t at least I have another 3 embies on ice x

Personally as they were good enough to freeze then I would do one at a time. We thought about this in case were ever fortunate enough to have any to freeze (didn’t happen in the end) and the way I saw it was that transferring each one individually may take longer, but would give you a better chance of pregnancy overall.

E.g. if transferring one gives you a say 30% chance of pregnancy (dependent on age and all the usual blah blah) and transferring two only gives you a 10% increased chance of pregnancy, then transferring each of those two individually may take longer and may mean potentially paying for more transfers (if paying privately) but would give you better odds (60% overall per two embryos instead of 40%). Hope that makes sense! Think it partly depends on your circumstances- time, finances and if you would be prepared to do another fresh round if necessary. And possibly gut feeling!

I also heard that there’s some evidence transferring two can negatively impact implantation of a good embryo, although the embryologists at my clinic said they were not aware of this.

Good luck, whatever you decide 🍀 xx

Thanks Shelley, your message has really helped and confirmed all of my thoughts too! So I will be transferring one ... hopefully this 5th tome it works for us. But if not then at least I’ll have another 3 attempts. This journey is so hard... good luck with your journey too xx

Thank you lovely and really hope it’s 5th time lucky for you 🤞🤞 xx

Hi, A few weeks ago I was in the exact same situation, I was thinking of transferring two.

I think if you face the idea of having twins, go for two. But from my understanding same grades embryos have a better chance, speak to your embryologist about this.

Good luck xx

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