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Sensitive post- positive pregnancy test after FET.


Very scared and quite certain that I wasn’t pregnant this morning so I have made my husband to look at the tests. He was studying them for quite a while so I told him, you can tell me, I know it’s one line and we are not pregnant...he said, no actually love, I think you are pregnant!

After 3 years trying for a baby I have never seen a positive pregnancy test.

Used two tests just in case anything goes wrong with the first one ☝️ and the result!

Quite overwhelming, unbelievable... almost like “what now” 😂

I have made plan B for a year ahead (travelling) just in case plan A doesn’t work out again. Well I guess we won’t be going anywhere 😂❤️

Officially Pregnant 🤰

To all of you ladies, please stay positive, stay healthy, love and laugh a lot. 🍀

Baby dust to you all 😘

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Wonderful happy news! Congratulations xx

Thank you, it’s still kind of scary as the journey is not over yet

No it's only the start. But you've got one step further. Day by day xx

Congrats! :) xx


Congratulations God bless you

Great news, congratulations x

Congratulations that's such lovely news xx

Fantastic news! Congratulations! X

Wonderful news, congratulations xxx

Lovely news! Congratulations 😁 xx

Great news! Congratulations!

Lovely news congratulations!🎉xx

Congratulations great news xx

Congratulations great news xx

Massive congratulations!!! Wishing you a happy healthy pregnancy! Xxx

Congratulations hon, you really never know until you do the test. Here's to a happy and healthy pregnancy for you xxx

Congratulations xx ❤️



Hi Lemona. Lovely strong line. Hope all continues to go well for you. Diane

Congratulations on your bfp xx

Amazing news! Huge congratulations xxx

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